Ben Fowlkes: Brock Lesnar not Hall of Fame worthy

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Over the weekend, Brock Lesnar's best friend and biographer Paul Heyman made the case for his UFC-HoF-doubts-return/">worthiness in the UFC Hall of Fame.

MMAJunkie's Ben Fowlkes begs to differ.

When I read the story by Danny Acosta on Saturday that quoted Lesnar's old pro wrestling running buddy Paul Heyman as saying "of course" Lesnar was worthy of a spot the UFC Hall of Fame after a 5-3 run in a four-year career, I had to stop and read it again.

His case for Lesnar is especially weak. It's the kind of argument only a friend could make, and also the kind that only a friend would accept.

"Five and three?" Heyman said of Lesnar's record. "But look at the five – and look at the three."

Don't mind if I do, Paul. First there's Min-Soo Kim, who also sports losses to Bob Sapp and an over-the-hill Don Frye on his record. Then there's Heath Herring, who, by that point, had been winning one and losing the next like it was part of some schedule he felt compelled to keep. There's also Randy Couture, who had no business fighting at heavyweight, and Frank Mir, who won one and lost one against Lesnar, but somehow only seems to get credit for the latter. Finally, there's Shane Carwin, who might have beaten Lesnar if he'd had better cardio or been smarter about how he used it.

That wraps up his victories as a professional fighter. You add in two first-round TKO losses, and you have his entire body of work. Five and three. A career that spanned just over four years. That's his case for a spot on the wall next to guys like Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell? Sorry, but I don't see it.

Lesnar fans also love to talk about what he did for the sport and for the UFC simply by hanging around and generating so much interest and attention. The fact that he did this exclusively for his personal gain doesn't get mentioned. Suddenly the unintended consequences of his own career are justification for treating him like one of the greats.

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duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

9/11/12 12:11 AM by duckhuntgangsta

That makes no sense.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

9/11/12 12:10 AM by duckhuntgangsta

Hi Ben!

kostello site profile image  

9/10/12 11:50 PM by kostello

Nobody quit faster than Brock.

KneeToFaceKo site profile image  

9/10/12 11:25 PM by KneeToFaceKo

Hall of fame for Lesnar makes me laugh.

MPA2000 site profile image  

9/10/12 11:05 PM by MPA2000

Whoever talks about Lesnar in the HOF is on crack. The guy looked good against has beens, but was put down pretty easy against really MMA fighters.

12SixElbow site profile image  

9/10/12 10:56 PM by 12SixElbow

  Pure speculation. If he had followed a "Normal" path he would have had years to develop different instincts. Impossible to say what would have happened by the time he would have made to the UFC.

BigDave88 site profile image  

9/10/12 10:53 PM by BigDave88

Lol. I never even heard of Brock until his first ufc fight..

Doctor NPD site profile image  

9/10/12 10:38 PM by Doctor NPD

hence the quotations

William Colosimo site profile image  

9/10/12 10:17 PM by William Colosimo

"I guess haters are always gonna hate"lol- kinda like how you obsess on Fedor threads and downplay his accomplishments? I know youre upset that Fedor never used the F5 on anyone, but still...

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

9/10/12 9:34 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Kimbo was a one hit wonder. Brock actually did some very impressive things in the cage and with PPV sales. You cannot overlook that he is the great UFC PPV draw of all time. I really don't care of he's inducted. Personally I think he done enough to be. He broke belief barrier to just how popular MMA could be. He really did move the sport forward. Look at the timeline of sponorships: Brock enters the UFC then shortly after the UFC has landmark deals with Bud Light, Harley Davidson, and Burger King. IMO Brock's drawing power and brand showed markets MMA is safe to invest in. It would have happened anyway but Brock made it happen faster IMO.