Evans: Jones 'disillusioned', Belfort can win

source: mmafighting.com

"Yes, yes, he has more than a chance. I truly believe it, I truly believe it. Vitor has some of the best hands, the fastest hands and he is very fast and he's very explosive. You know what I'm saying? So I think Vitor makes it a fight. He goes in there and he makes it a fight."

"Of course, if he ever needed me for anything like that, I'll be there to talk to him and to help him out if he needs it. And I don't know everything there is to know about life, either, so I'm sure if there's something I have a problem in life, I'm sure I can learn from him, too. I think right now, he needs to really sort out some things in his life as far as his management situation and just find some people on his team who's really going to give a true idea and true perspective of where he's really coming form because sometimes I think he's a little bit disillusioned. I think disillusion can cause a lot of harm to you."

transcribed by MMAMania.com...

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stonepony site profile image  

9/12/12 12:31 AM by stonepony

Evans doing his Mike Tyson impression or what? Using big words to try and sound smart doesn't work unless you know what the word means Rashad... It kind of defeats the purpose.

mrantistupiditay site profile image  

9/11/12 7:56 PM by mrantistupiditay

All of his proselytizing and pseudo-philosophizing is based on what he believes in terms of self-benefit (especially re "The Secret," his other bible). His beliefs aren't based on what's right or true, but on what will benefit him.Don't take my word for it, go back in time and read his comments with that interpretation in mind.He does in fact think his life is magical and linked to God and the universe and (figuratively) "Jesus powers." That should be less mysterious to you than non-athiests, if you actually pay attention to what comes out of his mouth.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

9/11/12 7:19 PM by SKARHEAD

THISJust another STUPID weasely excuse to hate on a fighter who can't be hated on for his actual fighting.let them whine and complain like scorned women...JBJ continus to SMASH and DOMINATE all of your heroes and champions.

MattyECB site profile image  

9/11/12 7:18 PM by MattyECB

^^Mother fucker, why is it whenever I edit, it's a 70/30 chance that a bunch of brs show up in the post and ruin the entire thing lol Never figured that out

MattyECB site profile image  

9/11/12 7:14 PM by MattyECB

Well that's kind of unfair, I'm an atheist but you're just clearly trying to make Bones look stupid. He has the tattoo to remind himself of his faith and the strength he derives in it - don't remember the bible at all but I think the Phillipians quote has something to do with strength.It isn't like he thinks it's a magical link to god and Jesus powers lol

MattyECB site profile image  

9/11/12 7:12 PM by MattyECB

<blockquote>Musashi - Even after reading the article and Rashad's quote, it's STILL not clear if Rashad is saying that Jones is disappointed (the real meaning of disillusioned) or delusional (what Rashad may have intended to say.. and more of an accurate assessment of Jones).</blockquote><br /> You're putting your words and opinion of Jones' in Rashad's mouth - I actually think disillusioned is the perfect term for Bones right now, and it's a bit more nuanced than disappointed. It connotes you've lost faith in your current situation and are becoming somewhat cynical. Bit stronger than disappointed.<br /><br />He wasn't expecting this backlash, I don't think he ever though DFW would turn on him and his camp as hard as he did, and I don't think he was expecting any of this negative shit rt after the Nike deal and right as his career is budding. <br /><br />I think it really threw him off personally. And look how he was ready to play the same choir boy fake shit with his cross to bear comment, then just got reaaaaal pissed off and basically said I'm not here to please you, I'm here to take care of myself and entertain you... I actually think Rashad hit the nail on the headEdit: Hell, Bones even came out and attacked Dana, which made me gain respect for him tbh. Not because I agree with him or the choice he made, but I like that someone finally called out DFW for thinning out recent cards and denying it vehemently - particularly since he used to always brag how the UFC would never do what Boxing does and prop up a single fight with undercard fighters.

mrantistupiditay site profile image  

9/11/12 6:35 PM by mrantistupiditay

Not a fan of "I have a tattoo on my chest that is 'the secret' to God serving ME," but the only way he loses to Belfort is if down deep he really, really wants to lose.If it goes past R1, he probably makes Belfort look very, very bad, so bad we will all be cringing and feeling sorry for a battered Belfort by the bell for R3 if it gets there.

Musashi site profile image  

9/11/12 4:12 PM by Musashi

Even after reading the article and Rashad's quote, it's STILL not clear if Rashad is saying that Jones is disappointed (the real meaning of disillusioned) or delusional (what Rashad may have intended to say.. and more of an accurate assessment of Jones).

Bry Bry site profile image  

9/11/12 11:28 AM by Bry Bry

well Rashad has fast hands, good wrestling and he is explosive and he wasnt able to give Jones much of a fight..all Belfort has is fast hands, his wrestling is useless compared to Jones...

DanChow site profile image  

9/11/12 10:53 AM by DanChow

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