Justin 'The Viking' Wren buries a pygmy baby

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Andibo: The story that was suppose to go untold...

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Here is the video explaining the story of Andibo... The 1 & 1/2 year old Mbuti Pygmy INFANT who died because the HOSPITAL neglected, and rejected him from receiving treatment. Help me be a voice of these people who's stories go untold... Become a voice WITH me! Help me share it!

Andibo was called a "Pygmy Animal" who they didn't want to WASTE medicine on! Then him and his starving and desperately sick mother were told they couldn't be on a hospital bed because they were too dirty... A chicken, eggs, and firewood wasn't good enough payment from the human slaves who don't get paid in money... So they were rejected and Andibo died.

I held this BEAUTIFUL little boy's hand as blood was still running out of his ears... I covered his face and body with the sheet after he died... I dug the grave, bought the coffin...

By the way... It cost TEN TIMES more to bury Andibo than his prescription cost... $50 for the COFFIN... $5 for the script that would have SAVED his life!!!

Here is the video of me explaining it... As I type this tears are streaming down my face... I guess I'm still processing this kind of inhumanity & extreme discrimination...

I'm sitting in the parking lot and I am 25 minutes late to my meeting with my creative team that is going to help plan a website. Trying to gather myself if I'm being honest...

These guys are TOP of the line! They specifically want to help nonprofits, orgs, and foundations be able to have the best websites available... I'm mentally drained, I have a migraine, my heart is HEAVY and my stomach is churning.

I know on my last thread people said they wanted to help... Thank God! I don't know what I'd do by myself... I'd still try but I KNOW this situation, the mistreatment, and the unheard catastrophe of forgotten people is SO much bigger than me... Any, any, ANY assistance would be more appreciated than I can explain in words...

Maybe this can be the thread people help me gather idea's... Thoughts... Foundation brainstorming... Media collection? I have pics on my Facebook. I have about 3,500 pics and videos total... From dancing with Pygmies, to sleeping in their huts... To them killing a black mamba one hut away... To an old man (my great uncle) eating TWO minnows for his ENTIRE day meal and he went hungry the day before... To bathing in the rivers... To crossing the Ituri river in a dug out tree canoe... To some absolutely disgusting stories of inhumanity that would have been hard for me to believe... Till I lived it.

Read entire thread...

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1/7/13 5:04 PM by justinthevikingwren

Thanks... That's humbling and I appreciate it! Here is the thing... I'm not willing to get to the end of an old life and ask myself was there a great adventure I was suppose to live? And them know that I know that I know that I should have risked more, should have loved more, and wonder what kind of impact could I have made with my life?!?!?!? Sometimes ya gotta risk it to get the biscuit!

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1/7/13 4:53 PM by TeamRenzo

Justin, you are a good man! I wish there were more like you in this world.

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1/7/13 4:51 PM by justinthevikingwren

    Everything is falling into place! TODAY I officially received my nonprofit status!!!    1 Viking 1 Jungle 1 Year 1,000 MINIMUM slaves set FREE!   Donation link: (I'll be needing a landing page at least for Pygmy Project Info!) https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=kbm&id=5   That not the only excitement! As this is absolutely my nonprofit, my vision, and me risking my own neck in the Eastern Congo jungle... In addition I have been granted a covering from over 25 year nonprofit that will hold me to the highest financial accountability there is! I will be required annual outside audits and is held to standards higher than the IRS requires :-)    This is why it has taken me FIVE long months after an innocent infant died in my hands to be willing to accept donations... I didn't want something in the slightest to look fishy, or even in the SLIGHTEST have people wonder like is only natural. I wanted to take those doubts away..   The organization that is actually accepting the donations is a nonprofit I have been incredible friends with for years. They will basically be the middle man with the money, and they will do all the accounting (because I suck at it) and help me focus on just doing good. I will see every donation, but I won't be responsible for the administration stuff.    Anytime I want to do something with the money I tell them with a written notice of what it is for first. Then they release it, then I provide them with a receipt afterwards for tax documentation. They also will give out the Tax Write Off Info for my donors or my "Support Tribe." It is my nonprofit. It is my vision. It is me who will be in the Congo, on the ground, for (hopefully) a full year. I will be the one MAKING SURE it gets where it is said it will go :-)    The reason for this is I wanted and then SOUGHT out the best financial accountability I could find. The ECFA. The only problem was that it took years of being up and running to get their seal of financial accountability... So we had to get creative :-)     I have friends that are so good to me they are willing to cover me with their 25 year seal of financial accountability with the ECFA to START my nonprofit! All that means is they do the paperwork, as a favor, because they really believe in this :-)     My mission is to set a 1,000 slaves MINIMUM FREE.    I saw earlier today that a Honey Badger BBQ sauce raised 50,000 in donations!!! $50,000 in donations will provide this...   -1,000 men, women, children slaves their FREEDOM... Their LIBERATION!  -Hundreds (Around 300 acres) of already negotiated PERFECT uncut virgin rainforest to live in.  -Water well dug, clean-crisp water flowing -Agriculturalists paid... Corn & bean crops growing -Tilapia stock pond dug, fish farming! -Chickens and a coop for eggs & meat! -School built! -Headmaster paid! First ever officially recognized Congolese Pygmy school... I already know the Headmaster and had him agree :-) $600 is his yearly salary! -Teacher paid!    Guys I'm thinking this is going to be bigger than what I've written down here! That's why I say 1,000 slaves MINIMUM!  I've talked to a academy award winning documentary director & Oscar nominated directors and three other filmmakers! They think if I could do a kickstarter video and campaign to do a documentary that could be HUGE! Have the proceeds from the one year in the jungle documentary go straight back to the project!    I hope that during my year on the ground I can have trips of medical missionaries and other nonprofits coming on to the new land with their expertise!    I've seen 19 million dollar grants be given to Congo for agriculture projects... I've seems a 150,000,000 MILLION dollar project go in Congo to develop water wells... The only thing is I've never seen those benefits, not once in being there... What I have seen some LOADED government officials! I mean millions upon millions in their pockets while a family of 5-6 lives on an average of 85 dollars a month!  Maybe I'm just going to the very worst places... But that is where I see the MOST hope!  I'll let them jail me before I get bribed. They know this, I've been threatened multiple times before... And now I have the support of people who are loved greatly by Congolese :-)   I'm with a 50+ year Congo University that has been part of successful peace talks between rebel groups and violent standoffs. They just so happen to have the number one school of Community Development that says after I get what I want done for the $50,000 if there is another like $5,000-$8,000 they will build a UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CENTER attached to the exact land! Why? So they can have "on field" students as faculty that during their senior years they will LIVE at the research center and get COLLEGE CREDIT to continue helping the Pygmies! Helping them go from completely dependent slaves... To self sustaining, independent, FREE people! The research center will protect from outside corruption and locals close to it will be told by local Congolese university staff and students that if we can change the worst off living circumstances... We can then take it out farther than here!        Last night I began making a video with one filmmaker to raise awareness... I am so thankful for The UG and MMA.tv   These people are worth fighting for! 

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11/9/12 9:21 AM by droplogic

Still in

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11/9/12 8:21 AM by Show Your Strength

Hey Justin, sent you an e-mail, let's talk.

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10/30/12 3:22 AM by justinthevikingwren

Hey brother I hope you've gotten my email :-)  I think I was put in wrong potentially and now I think I have corrected it to the right email. How are you doing brother? Hit me up at iam@JustinTheVikingWren.com if you can

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9/15/12 8:46 PM by justinthevikingwren

Thanks brother!

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TTT times 1000