Jose Aldo injured, out of UFC 153 title fight in Brazil


It seems as through UFC President Dana White is not having the best day. Just hours ago he announced that Quinton Jackson was injured and able to compete at UFC 153. His bout versus Glover Texeira was scheduled to be the co-main event. If it couldn't get an worse, he just now tweeted that UFC Champion Jose Aldo had injured his foot and would have to pull out of the UFC 153 main event:

Now Aldo is out with foot injury. Main and co main in the same day!! Another amazing day at the UFC. We have some work to do

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ItsMillerTimeinDoBronx site profile image  

9/13/12 4:47 PM by ItsMillerTimeinDoBronx

...or, perhaps the often blamed supplements that many fighters are now taking are causing their bodies to break down more so than in the past.

ItsMillerTimeinDoBronx site profile image  

9/13/12 4:43 PM by ItsMillerTimeinDoBronx

The new norm is for fighters to now consider what is 'ultimately best for their family and career' and to pick and choose opponents more so than in past. Many aren't prepared to say 'no' to Joe Silva or Dana when offered an opponent that doesn't meet their requirements stylistically or isn't a perceived can, so, they accept the fight then tuck due to a 'training injury'. We'll call it the 'Jon Jones Syndrome'.  

CindyO site profile image  

9/13/12 1:48 AM by CindyO

  TTT for KrazyZenki. Cindy

georgejonesjr site profile image  

9/12/12 5:08 PM by georgejonesjr

I don't know, if I'm paying for a PPV, I'd rather see two healthy guys fight than guys who should be in rehab. Atop top 20 guy who is at 95% (no one is ever at 100%) is going to give a better fight than a top 5 guy at 60%.If its cable it doesn't matter so much, but if you're shelling out cash, I'd rather not waste it on injured fighters. It's like paying for a big name concert where the band has the flu and can't sing, play the guitar, or keep the time on the drums - waste of money.

CindyO site profile image  

9/12/12 9:12 AM by CindyO

  What are some examples of matches you heard him put together with such simplicity on the phone? And tell me how he goes about recruiting new talent. You make it sound pretty easy. Cindy

Larry Appleton's Chicago Destiny site profile image  

9/12/12 8:52 AM by Larry Appleton's Chicago Destiny


TecHNieK site profile image  

9/12/12 8:31 AM by TecHNieK

LMAO so dana purposely took out his main and co main event in a stacked card for what reason now? wtf does dana have to do with how guys train?

RJJH site profile image  

9/12/12 8:26 AM by RJJH

you're the fucking idiot who cannot connect the dots.

TecHNieK site profile image  

9/12/12 8:22 AM by TecHNieK

your right fuck dana for injuring aldo and rampage..... -__-your a fucking moron