Anderson Silva opens as 13 1/2 to 1 favorite over Stephan Bonnar

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

According to the early line, which was released on Thursday morning, Silva will be a massive favorite. In fact, its the highest opening line ever for an Anderson Silva fight, oddsmaker Nick Kalikas told MMA Fighting.

Silva has been installed as a -1350 favorite, according to Kalikas of That means that Silva is essentially a 93 percent favorite to win.

By comparison, Jon Jones was made a -925 favorite in an early line against Vitor Belfort at UFC 152.

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Recent Comments »

Roy Batty site profile image  

9/14/12 7:05 AM by Roy Batty

Gimme the 100, and, nice guy that I am, I'll give you $5 back. That's better than you're gonna do betting on Bonnar!

The Mouth site profile image  

9/14/12 3:10 AM by The Mouth

Reread your initial post... This line set has jack shit to do with training in a combat sport. Its about handicapping a match-up to limit action. Nothing else.

Megatherium site profile image  

9/14/12 1:14 AM by Megatherium

Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar; Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort.You gotta love it don`t ya. LOL This thing is going mainstream.These guys can do no wrong.

ricker site profile image  

9/13/12 11:33 PM by ricker

Thanks Buddy ! ..... I just might lay down $100.00 on Bonnar just for the rush lol !

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/13/12 11:18 PM by yellow wrkahlc

 lol War, Senor Bonnar.

BBQ@bendos site profile image  

9/13/12 10:58 PM by BBQ@bendos

 Stephan Bonnar ‏@StephanBonnar What!!! I'm only a 13 to 1 underdog vs Anderson? I must be better than I thought lol

Size site profile image  

9/13/12 10:05 PM by Size

Right on the first part, wrong on the second. Silva -1350 does not mean Bonnar +1350. That would make the betting totally "fair" for the customer vs. the house. There is always a discrepancy between the odds for the underdog and favorite, this is referred to as the "action". The bigger a favorite you have, the greater the action.A straight-up pick'em fight will often have both guys at -110. But for a huge favorite like this...I'm guessing Bonnar will probably be about +750 (bet $1 to win $7.50)...but he could also be +900 to +1000. It's been a while since I've looked at lines.If I were betting on this fight I'd put money on Silva, because I think he wins more than 93% of the time vs. Bonnar. But you have to risk so much for a small win, I wouldn't bother even if I were betting right now. It would be too sickening to lose.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/13/12 7:12 PM by yellow wrkahlc

 Where are you guys placing bets?

ricker site profile image  

9/13/12 7:06 PM by ricker

so ? corect me if I am wrong with my math. but if you bet $13.50 on Anderson you win $1.00 ($100.00 = $7.40 win money) BUT if you bet on Stefan $1.00 you win $13.50 ($100.00 = $1350.00) Or am I out to lunch here ? could someone explain how this works ?

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/13/12 6:58 PM by yellow wrkahlc

  I'd rather risk a $100 bet and watch Silva win, than watch Bonnar get his hand raised and rage at home.