White not surprised if Fertitta ends up with an NFL team

source: sports.yahoo.com

While his only passion is fighting, UFC president Dana White could potentially see his business partners branching out and owning an NFL team one day.

“Fighting is all I care about, it's what I really do, and what I love. I've always loved it since I was a kid, but Lorenzo, my partner, is a football fanatic,” White said when speaking to the Dan LeBatard show in Miami on Thursday.

“I would not be shocked if Lorenzo ends up owning an NFL team. I would not be shocked.”

“He's an awesome owner. They're very smart guys and they're great guys to work for. They're very generous to everybody. They would be a great fit for the NFL and they're very aggressive guys. They go into a market where a team hasn't been doing well, I think they're the guys that could turn a team around."

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lifeaftrprison site profile image  

9/14/12 5:20 PM by lifeaftrprison

Trump saying that is like me saying " I have nothing to do with my baby momma whatsoever !" I sure the hell did the first time I put the plan together ! I claimed bankruptcy on that relationship , she still carries my name though.

CindyO site profile image  

9/14/12 5:16 PM by CindyO

  He was/did the first two times they filed bankruptcy. So does that mean he doesn't know how casinos work? Cindy

grafzep site profile image  

9/14/12 2:26 PM by grafzep


lifeaftrprison site profile image  

9/14/12 1:25 PM by lifeaftrprison

Nope ! It means he's a snake who hides behind the corporate veil of his business entity ! The NFL owners are a tight knit group and it's very hard to get approved to buy a team. Good luck to them !

notsobigmike site profile image  

9/14/12 1:02 PM by notsobigmike

About half the UG would say the exact same thing about fighting, without having set so much as foot in a gym.

crumbs site profile image  

9/14/12 11:21 AM by crumbs

oMG !! You soooo exposed him.You lame ass, you and everyone else knows what he ment.I can appreciate a great dig, but this is just, reaching, grasping at nothing.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

9/14/12 8:43 AM by Bobby Lupo

Trump has no idea how to run a casino. His managers ran 3?propertiea into the ground and fucked investors hard

12SixElbow site profile image  

9/14/12 3:25 AM by 12SixElbow

  Trump isn't involved in those casinos whatsoever. "Other than the fact that it has my name on it _ which I'm not thrilled about _ I have nothing to do with the company," Trump told The Associated Press Tuesday. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/02/17/donald-trumps-casino-comp_n_167474.html

12SixElbow site profile image  

9/14/12 3:22 AM by 12SixElbow

Can Lorenzo afford an NFL team? Lorenzo's "net worth" is only a billion dollars. Now, only is a pretty loose term, but NFL teams aren't cheap.

madmav site profile image  

9/14/12 3:11 AM by madmav

if no raiders then they should buy the oakland A's..