White: Machida fighting Dan Henderson next

by Dave Meltzer | source: mmafighting.com

A light heavyweight battle between Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida is in the current UFC plans based on a comment made on Thursday by UFC President Dana White at a luncheon.

In discussion of Machida turning down the originally announced shot at champion Jon Jones at UFC 152 on Sept. 22 in Toronto, White mentioned that he felt Machida made the wrong decision.

"Machida should have taken the fight," said White. "We've seen it, history always repeats itself. Look how long it took Rashad to fight for the title again. So you wanted to fight Jon Jones, you climbed up to the title fight and you don't take it. Now you're fighting f------ Dan Henderson. Now you might not even get to the f------ title again. You lose to Dan Henderson you're not anywhere near Jon Jones."

"You jump on opportunities when they're available. You get a shot at the title, the biggest money fight you can be in, the highest profile fight you can be in. And if you win that f------ fight, the whole world changes overnight."

White didn't talk about a planned date for the fight.

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Thiaguy site profile image  

9/21/12 9:40 PM by Thiaguy

Edit * I meant emphathetically , not sympathetically lol

tjmitchiscool site profile image  

9/21/12 9:16 PM by tjmitchiscool

Machida fought pretty timid against jones...I see Hendo taking this, overall he may be slow...but H-bombs he drops come out with full speed...He'll win by tko

aNutterFedorFan site profile image  

9/21/12 9:10 PM by aNutterFedorFan

Machida vs Hendo seems like a dual punishment to me...ie, don't pi$$ of Dana and the powers that be?

Thiaguy site profile image  

9/21/12 7:49 PM by Thiaguy

I'm not even a Machida fan!Shogun is my dude for life! Shogun battered Machida both times; beat him twice!I hate that I'm even having to stand up for Machida here. ..But as a fan I always tell it like it is Machida was winning the stand vs Jones soundly!Avoided all of Jones poorly thrown oblique and teep kicksAvoided Jones goof spinning strikes ect Controlled the distance, and dictated the exchanges ectEven stumbled Jones ectHey and even if Machida only landed "two good punches" That means...Machida still had landed two more good punches then Jones had up until the takwdown. The takedown + elbow is what changed the momentum of the fight ectJones caught Machida with an akward punch. Machisa also had blood in his eyes and couldn't see.But if you notice,Machida threw a big punch at the same time. Machida's punch hit the neck while Jones hit the chin....it was all due to Jones reach and height...

Thiaguy site profile image  

9/21/12 7:41 PM by Thiaguy

*FRAT warning*I don't buy that!The knee didn't drop Shogun. Hell, It didn't even buckle him ect. I even recall Shogun trying to wrap Jones up mid air.An HBOMB actually did drop Shogun, and Shogun was able to recover from that.Shogun has come back from much harder shots before ectAfter the knee Jones took Shogun down instantly, and spent a good portion of the first round smothering ShogunTruth is,Jones is SIGNIFICANTLY BIGGER then Shogun (Not even exaggerating, Jones looked 2 weight classes bigger then Shogun)Shogun was carrying the weight on the bottom. He burnt out so much energy trying to sweep the much biggerJones too ectLead to Shogun gassing out :"(Shogun was eventually able to work his way back up to his feet though (A testament to Shogun's grappling skill)But here's where the turning point came IMOJones landed several knees as Shogun was getting up. Shogun was really close to being a downed opponent. I mean it was a close call. I thought the ref was going to deduct a point from Jones for knees to a downed opponent....Shogun probably thought he was safe as he was getting up, and then boom...Jones hit him with several knees. I think that really caught Shogun off guard. Shogun wouldn't make that same mistake again in a rematch.Shogun stood with his back against the cage afterwards, just letting Jones tee off with punchesAfter THAT Shogun's cardio was nearing on empty. He was done.Shogun was fighting on heart alone there after. Shogun at his worst and on empty still took Jones to the 3rd round!You have to give Shogun major props for that. Shogun is a warrior and kept fighting Jones until he had absolutly - zero left in the gas tank.It's like, anything that could've went wrong, did go wrong for Shogun in that fight.There is no way a rematch would happen like that again(All things considered)And Shogun would be a lot more prepared as well, which would help greatly.Remember Shogun only had 6 weeks to prepare for Jones .There's also the fact that Shogun was coming off surgery, and that's when Shogun always performs at his worst.Shogun just wasn't at his best for that fight, and he was making way too many little mistakes in the fight, which added up.All the mistakes Shogun made can be corrected.Example,Despite Shogun being at his worst, there were many instances in the fight where Shogun managed to take Jones back.Jones would telegraph a spinning attack, Shogun would see it coming from a mile away, he would either duck or side step, and then would take Jones back.Those where golden opportunities for Shogun that he could've worked with, but instead Shogun would drop for leg locks.He was giving up the top position to Jones all night, which were costly mistakes, because the top position is where Jones was battering Shogun(The top position is where Jones won the fight)Maybe instead of holding Jones back, Shogun can work on side stepping and countering with a big right hand instead ectShogun can also hold Jones back for a moment, break away, and land big shots on the break away.Falling for the leg locks were like last resorts.Again, Shogun won't make mistakes like that againAnd I'm sure Shogun will try to avoid the top position as much as possible in a rematchYou know, I think Shogun still could've dragged Jones into deep waters and pulled of a big comebackBut again, in the third, Shogun took Jones back, dropped for a leg lock that wasn't there, and gave up the top position...again. Jones ended the fight shortly there after.It was just one of Shogun's worst performances of his career based on the way he was fighting ectThere is no doubt in mind Shogun would do a whole lot better in a rematch, especially if Shogun actually had a full training camp to prepare specifically for Jones this time

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

9/21/12 7:38 PM by WRESTLENOW

machida wasnt winning the standup at all, he had one two clean punches and he couldn't do anything to follow up after that, Jon knocked him down with a counter left and landed good kicks before that.

Thiaguy site profile image  

9/21/12 7:28 PM by Thiaguy

Machida didn't defend any serious takedown attempts prior to.Machida was utilising footwork, and movement to stay out of Jones grasp and clinch ectAlso, the thing Jones does is pick away at fighters from the out side with oblique and teep kicksThat is JONES WHOLE stand up game in a nutshell...just mix in the occasional goofy spinning attackSurprisingly Jones is able to keep fighters on the outside and unwilling to commit to getting within range to land solid strikes. It perplexes me. Fighters never fight their fight against Jones and choose to fight Jones' fight. They never go for it . So frustrating.What Machida did excellently was that he was dodging all of Jones' teep and oblique kicks with ease.It threw Jones off, and didn't let Jones get a feel for the distance eitherWhat many don't realise is Jones is a really big confidence fighter, and Machida was braking his confidence ect. A fighter needs to do things to make Jones uncomfortable. They need to make Jones question his game and his confidence ectSomething as simple as Machida winning the round was instilling a look of panic onJones ect(Another reason why I think Jones is a big front runner ect)Anyway, Machida also timed one of Jones' poorly thrown kicks and landed a big left straight counter which stumbled JonesJones throws such poor kicks....if fighters dont want to get on the inside of Jones, because of his clinch,Then there's a golden opportunity to crack Jones with a counter off the kicks. Machida exploited that...and I think a more prepared and healthy Shogun would exploit that more sympathetically in a rematch as well ectSo like I had said, Jomes is a confidence fighter, like a Cro CopMaybe that punch that Jones landed gave him some confidence ectBut it's clear that after the taledown and elbow, that Jones confidence was soaring while Machida was going into survival mode due to being shaken by the cut ectJones bumrushed Machida, got a hold of him, and took him down easily with a double leg from the clinch ectThat was Jones first serious takedown attempt. Look, the punch Jones landed prior to the TD, didn't even rock Machida.The punch didn't even fase Machida, let alone did it rock him.Machida was soundly winning the stand up (controlling the distance, and dictating the exchanges ect)It was the takedown + cut which totally changed the dynamics of the fight.Rampage said he thought Machida was well on his way to beating Jones, until the takedown ectAnd regardless of what Rampage said, many fans felt the same way too Jones ending up winning the MMA fight. Jones is near impossible to beat in MMA due to his reach, size advanatge, and wrestlingBut Jones isn't the best at everything. Lets stop pretending that he's a striking extrodinaire when he's clearly not

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/21/12 3:58 PM by Wasa-B

"And yeah, it's MMA, so it's not just a striking contest. Jones out struck Shogun, Rashad, and Rampage in MMA fights(In the Shogun fight, most of the fight took place on the ground however, and when the fight was on the feet, Shogun was already exhausted by that point(from the grappling) so I don't really use that fight as a baramoter of striking ect)"Jones caught Shogun off the bell with that flying knee. Shogun admitted it hurt him and he was playing catch up from then on (he said he was "disgusted" for getting caught with it).

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/21/12 3:56 PM by Wasa-B

"Prior to that Machida was out striking Jones. Jones landed the punch you pointed out to me. It really wasn't a damaging punch though ect."It wasnt damaging in your opinion.What i saw, and what you saw, was Machida winning the standup (not dominating but winning) up to then, Jones then connects with that one punch and that easily gets the td without hardly any contest from Machida. Up to then, Machida was defending the tds pretty easily. Jones got the clinch a few times but Machida disengaged quickly. This time, Jones closes the distance then i think got an inside leg trip with the kind of penetration (beep) that made me think Machida was already hurt a bit.Still speculation though but thats how it looked to me.

Thiaguy site profile image  

9/20/12 7:21 PM by Thiaguy