Leben wants to be back in the mix

source: mmajunkie.com

"I want to get back in the mix, so I've got to go out and handle Vermola, and then hopefully (UFC matchmaker) Joe (Silva) will put me up against a little bigger name," he said.

Or one he can pronounce correctly. Leben couldn't, and when he got the call to come back hadn't much heard of the Czecholslovakian middleweight, who has alternated between wins and losses in his five fights with the UFC. But he studied a little bit of tape, and found the situation favorable.

"Watching the tape, I don't see any spots that I'm extremely worried about. I can fight him wherever he goes," Leben said. "I think as far as game plan goes, it's just weathering that storm the first minute out of the gate."

"I've been trying to make a different Chris Leben for years and years," Leben said. "I've always been saying I'm going to take this fight to the ground, I'm going to show my ground game and utilize my other skills, and then it just doesn't seem to happen.

"Once I get punched in the face, [I'm] going to revert right back to what works."

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TheBear228 site profile image  

9/18/12 10:08 AM by TheBear228

  OR.... You could stop wasting your time posting in threads that concern him, and go MAKE posts giving credit to these "50 fighters" you mentioned. He's a flawed human being. People can relate. At his core he's a chill enough dude, goes out and throws some haymakers and has a good time - people take him for what he is. Seriously man, chill the hell out with your anger and resentment of the guy. Everyone in the whole damn forum knows you don't like Chris Leben. You bring up the same excuses why. Yet, for some reason I never see you in Jon jones threads bashing his DUI. I don't see you in Rampage Jackson threads burning the dude for running shit over in his monster truck, harassing women, being an unprofessional douche, etc. Where's the hostility for them? Bisping is one of the poorest sports in MMA, you don't show up in all his threads bashing Bisping and the fans that adore him. So again I ask you, what's your personal beef with Chris? Are you being petty? Did he do something to you? Do you just feel like ragging on him and not any of the others above? Does his hair color bother you?

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

9/17/12 12:30 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

God-damn right.You put any one of those three on a card,and people are going to be entertained.

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

9/17/12 11:15 AM by Bill Pharoni

I usually enjoy his fights but I wouldn't say he's ever really been "in the mix".

Allen Hood site profile image  

9/17/12 10:34 AM by Allen Hood

Good for leban. I want a million dollars doesn't mean it will happen.

buckshot44 site profile image  

9/17/12 10:32 AM by buckshot44

WAR Cat Smasher, one of my all time favorite fighters.

fiercedragon site profile image  

9/17/12 8:53 AM by fiercedragon

  it's not bashing when it's the TRUTH. the guy has repeatedly cheated,made excuses,shown bad behavior and even broken the law. but, people love him because he 'brings it'..? i can name 50 fighters that bring it that don't act like d-bags. how bout giving them some credit..?

Nick Fury site profile image  

9/16/12 10:21 PM by Nick Fury

Then you didnt see his fight against Mark Munoz in UFC 138. He was sucking air, with his hand on his hips after the first rd. Go watch it.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

9/16/12 7:33 PM by Blazing Knees


GriffinQ site profile image  

9/16/12 7:04 PM by GriffinQ

Holy shit, fiercedragon is bashing Leben. How surprising.

justinHD site profile image  

9/16/12 6:58 PM by justinHD

will be champ soon