Bisping: I'm not one of those fake f----s

by Damon Martin | source:

“I got cheered at first. I fought at UFC 66 when Chuck Liddell fought Tito (Ortiz) for the second time, and that was in Vegas, and the crowd was fantastic. It wasn’t long before they were all booing me. It’s hard to transition. We’re all human beings, we’re sensitive, especially fighters. We’re emotional, sensitive people,” said Bisping.

“So at first you can’t understand it and maybe it might upset you a little bit, but after a while you’ve just got to go with it.”

Bisping has learned very well to just go with it, and despite his status as the UFC’s biggest villain, he remains one of the biggest draws and most requested interviews. Bisping is just being himself all the time now, and doesn’t fight to please anyone any more.

“I’m certainly not one of these fake (expletive). Trust me, there’s a lot of fake people out there that will be a nice guy to your face, on camera or whatever they’re super nice, but when there’s not a camera around, they’re absolutely (expletive). I’m not naming names, but I’m not one of those guys,” said Bisping.

“Either I’m a good guy or I’m consistently an (expletive), one or the other.”

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Gatorade site profile image  

9/17/12 4:21 PM by Gatorade

 if stann has a chin he will win

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/17/12 10:31 AM by chaplinshouse

 He started off being himself and got tons of shit.  After Hendo he really checked himself for a while (to his credit) and even acted like 'oh that wasn't me, THIS is the real me' etc etc (the only bad part of his humble schtick, it wasn't real).  Now, likely in part due to watching how it's worked wonders for others, he is saying fuck that I'm going to just say what's on my mind.  That's understandable and probably his best choice,  but he shouldn't start acting like others are pathetically fake with cameras rolling because he was one of those fakes after the H-bomb adjusted his attitude for a while.  And besides, there's nothing wrong with watching your words in front of cameras vs in private.

Hadoukenkieran site profile image  

9/17/12 10:14 AM by Hadoukenkieran

He was this way before she had her first fight. He hasn't changed.

BigEyedFish site profile image  

9/17/12 9:19 AM by BigEyedFish

 his "win" over Hamil was as fake as it gets he is a B level fighter at best.  He is trying to be Ronda Rousey, talking his way into fights.   Please go away, there are real fighters with real talent waiting in the wings for their shot.  

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/17/12 8:24 AM by Chimonos Revenge

Talks shit : People Dislike him for itContinues to talk shit : "Winning me over"

3rdLion site profile image  

9/17/12 8:22 AM by 3rdLion

Survival mode, also known as takedown defence.

Pig Bun site profile image  

9/17/12 8:01 AM by Pig Bun

I'd like to see Hammil (sp?) kick his ass again. Matt deserves the rematch WAY more than Mike deserves a title shot.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

9/17/12 7:38 AM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

Bisping has always been a straight talker. Not sure why he's winning people over all of a sudden he's always been this way.

slugshot331 site profile image  

9/17/12 7:32 AM by slugshot331

He was there when Chuck fought Tay-toe Ortiz.

WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image  


give him a title shotjust because he's be a big draw, not because he can winvs SONNEN, he was in survival mode, fighting not to lose badly