Bonnar: There is no pressure on me

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"I was thinking about it; if I win this fight, how am I ever going to top that?" Bonnar said. "It's been hard enough trying to top the (first) Forrest fight all these years. Then if I freaking beat Anderson Silva, talk about a perfect storybook ending to a career."

Not so fast, though.

"Then on the other side, if I beat Anderson Silva, then voila – I could probably get that coaching gig with Forrest, I could probably get a new contract and get paid a lot of money to fight," he said. "It's an interesting dilemma, but one that I'm pretty thankful to be close to having – or just have the opportunity to have."

Of course, a win over Silva would give Bonnar four straight at light heavyweight – with the most recent being against the man many consider the greatest ever to strap on gloves. White believes he's the greatest, which is the opinion that may matter most. So if Bonnar beats the greatest, what's left? Perhaps a rematch with light-heavyweight champ Jones, whom Bonnar took to a decision three and a half years ago, but this time, with a possible title on the line (provided Jones beats Vitor Belfort on Saturday)?

"Wow. You know what? I didn't even think of that," Bonnar said.

It's a little more proof of just how quickly this scenario has unfolded for Bonnar. Out of nowhere came a life-changing megafight at 35 years old, right as he's ready to wind his career down.

Bonnar knows the consensus is that he doesn't stand a chance – even though he never has been stopped, save for two TKOs thanks to cuts. There's a camp that sees Bonnar going all three rounds with Silva, coming forward the whole time, and leaving a bit bloodied up. But there isn't a very big camp that sees Bonnar winning.

For Bonnar, all the better.

"I don't care, though. I feel great about this," he said. "There's no pressure on me. I'm fighting the pound-for-pound best guy in his backyard. I'm a record-setting underdog. It's a good light-and-free feeling."

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JerodR site profile image  

9/18/12 9:01 PM by JerodR

Does anyone really think there is even a remote possibility of this fight being able to go 5 rounds? 3 is more than enough.Watching the interview with Stephan, you can't help but like the guy. He has the geatest attitude ever on this fight. He needs to try not to stand with Anderson though. Needs to take this fight straight to the ground and keep it there.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/18/12 8:44 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Short notice fight, broseph.

MPA2000 site profile image  

9/18/12 8:32 PM by MPA2000

I was going to respond to your troll statement, but then I noticed you had 60 down votes and decided why bother if 60 other people think you are a clown.

MPA2000 site profile image  

9/18/12 8:32 PM by MPA2000

I was going to respond to your troll statement, but then I noticed you had 60 down votes and decided why bother if 60 other people think you are a clown.

Warzone209 site profile image  

9/18/12 8:32 PM by Warzone209

  bonnar lost twice to griffin..   P.S. they are only fighting 3 rounds? I thought all main events were mandatory 5 rounds? title fight or not.

MPA2000 site profile image  

9/18/12 8:30 PM by MPA2000

There's pressure on you to come to fight and not fall in the first round like the last two 205'ers.

GodSaveTheReem site profile image  

9/18/12 8:29 PM by GodSaveTheReem

If i were a blue name i'd be putting up Rick Moranis' speech from "The Little Giants" right about now

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

9/18/12 5:40 PM by WRESTLENOW

his only chance is to take anderson down and tap him out, im calling an upset.Anderson will take him really lightly and show up to this fight soft and looking like shit, and stephan will take him down and then submit him.

ElTriangulo site profile image  

9/18/12 5:36 PM by ElTriangulo

Right we have Bonnar and Belfort. Please let one of these guys win

WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image