Matt Hughes goes hunting in South Africa


In 1909 then Col. Teddy Roosevelt went on a hunting expedition to Africa, and with his party of eight, shot every thing site. Expedition hunting licenses included 50 animals/hunter, plus an extra bull elephant, and extra giraffe, rhino, or eland, an extra antelope, an extra wildebeest, and an extra waterbuck.

Matt Hughes just returned from a hunting expedition in South Africa he conducted with his son Joey, and although he is no Teddy Roosevelt, he was busy.

Hunting is South Africa is strictly licensed, and the hunting license fees fund the nation's excellent conservation efforts.


Africa Photos

On July 4th, Joey and I left for Africa. We flew in to Johannesburg and then took a jumper flight to Port Elizabeth. All of our hunting was done in the country of South Africa. Joey and I had a great time, I got homesick, but Joey didn’t want to come home when the hunt ended. Here are the photos of the animals that we hunted.

My blue wildebeest:

My kudu:

Joey’s kudu, also called the Grey Ghost of Africa:

Joey’s trophy bushbuck:

Joey’s impala:

My red hartebeest:

Joey’s gemsbok:

My gemsbok:

My eland (the biggest antelope on the planet):

Joey’s zebra:

My black wildebeest:

Me, Joey, and my cameraman Blake:

The Bible verse for this week:

Let us not grow weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)


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As has happened in the past when Hughes posted hunting images on his blog, Dan Hardy took offense.

Dan Hardy @danhardymma
When is open season on ignorant, red neck, misguided, phony-Christian a--holes? I would love to shoot some of those.

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Johnny D site profile image  

10/1/12 10:44 AM by Johnny D

If you think Matt goes to a place where they just parade animals in front of you to watch die after you shoot them then you are clueless. I'm still a little foggy on the RoadHouse thing, I was probably trying to bite my ear during that discussion.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/1/12 10:33 AM by UGCTT_LnPninja

^^^^ So Matt's desire is the "thrill of the hunt" so he chooses to go to captive game reserves where the animals are baited and ccontained so you can jsut sit in your jeep and pick them off??? What a thrilling and diffficult "hunt" that must be...   Also, you quoted my RoadHouse response ;)

Johnny D site profile image  

10/1/12 10:30 AM by Johnny D

You simply assume about Matt's motives, any hunter knows this and this is why. As a hunter I admit it is very much the thrill of the hunt not the thrill of the kill. The kill is a means to an end, it's what we want to be done with quickly. If I was to shoot a deer and it went down I would go to it and if it was still alive I wouldn't sit there and watch it die slowly, I would end its suffering quickly. No hunter ever let's an animal die slowly, which is what someone who "likes to watch things die" does, in this case animals. The kill should be quick and efficient, any hunter will tell you this. Your "assuming" about the motives of any hunter is nothing but ignorance of the worst kind, I would say its far more immoral to judge the heart motives of others as you do than anything Matt has done hunting, most of your comments, as well as others, are based on misunderstanding and ignorance.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/1/12 10:09 AM by UGCTT_LnPninja

Those are not direct lines. They are adapted for the context of the killing a dog thing. Its when dalton first shows up at the bar...and he is waiting for his buddy.

Johnny D site profile image  

10/1/12 10:07 AM by Johnny D

You are speculating, I read Matt's book and while I didn't really think it was written to well I never once walked away with the idea that Matt liked watching animals die just for shits and giggles. In fact if you could quote Matt's book showing the rest of us where Matt says these types of things and prove you're not just assuming them or reading into it that would be great. Just give me one quote where Matt says this is why I hunt indicating he likes to see animals die as you and others have suggested.

Johnny D site profile image  

10/1/12 9:59 AM by Johnny D

I have seen RoadHouse more times than I can count, my father in law plays it all the time, it's his favorite movie but I still don't recall that line, I'll have to watch it again. Funny how you miss things.

Tom O'Bedlam site profile image  

10/1/12 9:49 AM by Tom O'Bedlam

I didn't say that ever.  You are the ones who keep suggesting and repeating that Matt enjoys killing more than hunting.    

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/1/12 9:18 AM by UGCTT_LnPninja

RoadHouse may not be in the timeline of many of the posters on this forum...   Tom O: You should really get his book. It's really cheap online now. I think it may stop you from needing to post about how we are speculating and help you understand why many have already formed an educated opinion on the primary reasons that Matt hunts. :)

dhughes site profile image  

10/1/12 8:44 AM by dhughes

The Dalton.Any closer? ;)

sfish4862 site profile image  

9/30/12 6:18 PM by sfish4862

This x 1000