Bisping happy to play the 'British bad boy'

by Gareth A Davie | source:

Bisping realised immediately that up against a decorated American war hero, he was always going to have to play the heel. “I suppose that's the way they're marketing it. In fact, I'm sat in this office in Las Vegas and there's a piece of paper here that says ‘UFC 152 – Saturday. American Hero versus British Bad Boy’.”

It is difficult to know whether Bisping is playing with the truth with the paper in front of him on the table, but he has certainly read the script. Stann, with his strength, power, and indeed, self-belief, is more than a handful, while Bisping has shown vulnerabilities against dangerous power punchers.

Bisping has no issue with being ‘the hate figure’. “That's definitely the route that the marketing is going down but I've got no problem with that. The important thing's the fight. He's a tough fighter, I've trained hard and I've expected a really hard fight. I'm doing a million interviews promoting the fight and just having fun with it. All it was, was a little, light-hearted smack.”

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Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/20/12 8:51 AM by Chimonos Revenge

Did I claim that Forrest Griffin better have worked on his Submission defense because he is facing Sonnen?No.If I had, you certainly could have refuted me.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

9/20/12 8:46 AM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

  People have been saying this before every Bisping fight for the last 3 years...

UK Rampage site profile image  

9/20/12 3:36 AM by UK Rampage

And who in the UFC had Sonnen submitted before he sub'd Stann?Remind me?

BIG CEC site profile image  

9/19/12 5:15 PM by BIG CEC

I only like Mike because he backs up all the shit he talks about - - - he will either try to knock you the hell out or get knocked out (Hendo). Nevertheless, I appreciate his style - - - simply fighting!!! He doesn't dance in the octogon, clinch/smother for three rounds, or make false threats!!! He brings it every time!!! I could really care less who wins in this upcoming fight because I know it will be intense!!!

UGCTT_NKTKDace site profile image  

9/19/12 1:52 PM by UGCTT_NKTKDace


idsmashit site profile image  

9/19/12 12:58 PM by idsmashit

He could of sub'd many he just tko'd them instead. a savage.

jar of flies site profile image  

9/19/12 12:55 PM by jar of flies

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/19/12 12:54 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Bisping has never submitted anyone in the UFC.What makes you think he is going to submit Stann?

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/19/12 12:54 PM by Chimonos Revenge

The American Gangster disagrees.

idsmashit site profile image  

9/19/12 12:52 PM by idsmashit

Hope Stanns submission defence is better then in the Sonnen fight.