Evans, Reem weigh-in on Belfort's advantages

source: ufc.com

Teammates and fellow Blackzilians discuss what sets Victor Belfort apart from opponent Jon Jones and what Jones should fear most when the two step into the Octagon™.

Catch this highly anticipated main event at UFC® 152: Jones vs Belfort, live on Pay-Per-View, Saturday, September 22, 10PM ET | 7PM PT.

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REIGN MAN site profile image  

9/21/12 1:08 AM by REIGN MAN

The beep in this thread is strong :)

Bry Bry site profile image  

9/21/12 1:01 AM by Bry Bry

thiaguy-athleticism is extremely important when it comes to mma...you honestly think it isnt that important?wtf yeah i dont see Vitor as much of a legend either and im a Vitor fan...

NiteProwleR site profile image  

9/20/12 11:26 PM by NiteProwleR

lol@girthy, but yeah he looks ripped and I like him being in there with Sperry again and it doesn't hurt to have a kickboxer like Reem in there to prepare you for Jones.

sunnyko site profile image  

9/20/12 8:19 PM by sunnyko

My dick is pumped after that juicy description.

Snakey site profile image  

9/20/12 8:16 PM by Snakey

I like Victor, I really do.However he has no Beard. Jones has the beard. That is all I need to say on this matter

Radio Raheem site profile image  

9/20/12 7:39 PM by Radio Raheem

  Yup :)  http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=2063418&page=1

DoomFarmer site profile image  

9/20/12 7:38 PM by DoomFarmer

What are they supposed to do, guys?"Don't bother asking me about this, our guy has no chance."Use your fucking brains instead of complaining just for the sake of it.

rosario00 site profile image  

9/20/12 7:30 PM by rosario00

It's pointless watching this video"teammates explain why their friend will win"And Reem does look smaller

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

9/20/12 7:02 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Off topic, really hope Thiago Silva can string some wings together and get back to some decent opponents. Alex was a tough one, but I hope Silva wins his next fight.