Jon Jones UFC 152 sponsor banner


Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Sneak peak of the banner for tomorrow night. Big thank you to all my sponsors.


The banner includes:
Air Canada Event Centre
Jackson's MMA
Team Conditioned Kelly Tekin
Voxx Sports
Izzy Style Wrestling
First Round Management

How much do you think Bones got paid by each one?

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PersianMMA site profile image  

9/22/12 5:56 PM by PersianMMA

Haha. What a bunch of BS. First for the first time in UFC history they show us a fighter/chicken, Jones, signing autographs after the weigh ins. Like we don't get that they are trying to improve his image.And now he posts his banner like he has companies behind me. Are you fucking kidding me?This is a pre UFC 151 deal. I wanna see who is sponsoring Jones on his next UFC fight.Yeah lets see who wants to sponsor the most stupid fighter in MMA history that made thousand of MMA fans lose money. Including myself!I will boycott every company that sponsors Jones. The only company I would accept is KFC =)

zFugitive site profile image  

9/22/12 4:51 PM by zFugitive

The real question is, how much is UG News getting paid to post a big pic of his sponsors on the front page?

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/22/12 3:57 PM by yellow wrkahlc

Also, there's this one:

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/22/12 3:54 PM by yellow wrkahlc

  He was, but I'm not sure about the banner. I can imagine he had it on there somewhere, though.

BzGrappla site profile image  

9/22/12 3:53 PM by BzGrappla

i wonder how much that banner is worth in terms of sponsorship he is gettin this fight?im thinking 200 k easy

TheGreatGodMARS site profile image  

9/22/12 3:46 PM by TheGreatGodMARS

he wasnt sponsored by them yet in his last fight was he? i thought he just had a burger king banner or some shit like that i think about it,idk wtf im talking about lol.

Nick Fury site profile image  

9/22/12 3:43 PM by Nick Fury

Did Silva have the Nike swoosh on any of his banners? Cant remember if he did or not.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

9/22/12 3:38 PM by yellow wrkahlc

  True, but this better, because it puts Nike on the same level as the other sponsors. It's not about Nike, it's about Jon Jones.

rbl site profile image  

9/22/12 3:32 PM by rbl

I'm surprised it's not just the swoosh. Also he must be on ok terms with the UFC if xyience is a major sponsor.

HITMAN DAN DIAZ site profile image  

9/22/12 3:27 PM by HITMAN DAN DIAZ

 i also have always always always hated the banners even as a sponsor. stupid and distracting they need to be banned. i dont want my fighter or his coaches distracted by a dumb banner in the last few min before the fight starts i want them getting ready and focused on the fight.  we had them but several times i tried to shut them down but the other sponsors would always push them through. so it its going to rain i will make hay but i didnt like them and still dont.