White: Bellator doing one the scummiest, most despicable things in the biz

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At the UFC 152 post fight news conference, UFC President Dana White discussed two of his least favorite things - Spike TV and Bellator, the former for allegedly spreading stories that TUF ratings are a disapointment, and the latter for releasing a fighter, and then holding him to a contract.

"You know why keeps leaking all this stuff out, and all this negativity is Spuke TV," said White.
"These guys don't have a f------ program on that show to save their life."

"The worst channel in the history of the world, okay? Nothing they do on that channel works.

"Where as FX has such a powerful network, they want us on Fridays... TUF was the #1 for its time period for 18-34, passing all cable and broadcast channels.

"That's a home run for FX. Is it a home run for us, because we are not doing the numbers I wish we could do on Tuesday or Wednesday? No. But it's an absolute home run for FX."

Later White was asked about Tyson Nam being held to a clause in his contract that gives Bellator matching rights on offers from other promotions 18 months after its expiration. Nam was released by Bellator, but then knocked out Bellator champ Eduardo Dantas in another promotion, and was suddenly a hot commodity, but is not free to sign where ever he wants.

"I don't talk much about Bellator," said White. "But what they do is one of the dirtiest things you can do in the business. It's dirty, its grimy, and it's just despicable.

"I have the right to match, but once I cut a guy and let him go and somebody else  tries to sign him, I don't come back say 'Oh you're breaking the contract, I have a contract.'

"When you make a decision to cut him, you cut him.  That's one of the dirtiest scummiest things you can do in the fight business."


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FSMA site profile image  

9/24/12 5:26 PM by FSMA

Dana and/or Cindy in 3....2....1...

PrettyBoy site profile image  

9/24/12 5:16 PM by PrettyBoy

All managers should be lawyers IMO. You can't advise your clients and uphold his interests of you don't understand contracts to the degree an attorney does.50% of a managers responsibility in MMA is to negotiate/read and advise his client in agreements. Hardly any of these weak sauce MMA "agents" are qualified to do any of that. The manager himself/herself should have this knowledge or else your just another opinion in the fold and are useless. I don't care If you have contacts galore. Without the knowledge you are going to fuck a client and most are too stupid to know it.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

9/24/12 12:49 PM by hendofanforlife

Any fighter who signs a contract should have a lawyer look at it before signing. You never know when some scumbag manager who never passed the bar will send it to a competing promotion. (allegedly)

rjhartman site profile image  

9/24/12 12:43 PM by rjhartman

Well, Dana would know a scumbag move.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

9/23/12 8:41 PM by PrettyBoy

What's this champions clause I keep hearing about then? Seems slimey

SPIDERHLUK site profile image  

9/23/12 7:41 PM by SPIDERHLUK

ufc obv looks out for ufc only, but dana is right. what bellator is doing is a new low in major mma promotions, pride/dream/ufc/strikeforce/anywhere has never done this kind of shit, and it's horrible for a fighter. now nam can either fight for lower money in bellator, or wait 18 fucking months without a paycheck. bellator is totally doing "scumbag" moves with this.

samúð og völd site profile image  

9/23/12 2:49 PM by samúð og völd

This sounds exactly like something DFW would say.

HenryO site profile image  

9/23/12 2:43 PM by HenryO

A dirty scumbag calling someone a dirty scumbag. K

Chris27 site profile image  

9/23/12 2:41 PM by Chris27

I think its about cutting a fighter and then trying to keep him, isnt that what he said? Didnt Dana say something like they have matching rights as well but when you cut a guy you cut him, right?He isnt saying matching clauses or champ clauses are wrong because they have them, he is saying you cut a guy that should be the end of it, you dont want him, you cut him, let him move on.Instead of cutting a guy and then another org shows interest and now you dont want to let him go, you want him back, you want to match, you want to hodl things up for the fighter. Isnt that what he is saying? thats a scummy thing to do. If you want the guy keep him, give him a fight, if you dont and you cut him let him go.

D241 site profile image  

9/23/12 2:38 PM by D241

 I'm trying to figure out what specifically Dana is talking about. I'm assuming it's something like this- Bellator fighter is under contract for 20k a fight., for 5 fights. Bellator thinks that fighter isn't wroth the 20k, so they cut him. Different promotion offers former bellator fighter 15k for 3 fights. Bellator chimes in and says, we have the right to match offers, and we'll match that. Essentially making a new contract for a lower amount. Am I grasping this right or am I off and if so explain?