UFC 152: 16,800 spectators, $1.9 million live gate

source: mmajunkie.com

Saturday night's UFC 152 pay-per-view drew an announced attendance of 16,800 fans for a live gate of $1,921,000.

UFC president Dana White announced the figures at the night's post-event news conference.

The figures represent an average generated revenue of $114.35 per ticket issued. The number of complimentary tickets issued was not revealed.

The UFC last visited Toronto's Air Canada Centre for UFC 140 in December 2011. That card drew an announced attendance of 18,303 fans for a live gate of $3.9 million.

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Fabefromfort site profile image  

9/24/12 10:34 PM by Fabefromfort

How much of a business is MMA ? Well, let me tell you straight , and clear, what you all just witnessed. Weeks ago there was a report of Belfort's hand being broken. Rumours persisted. It was found out to be true. You don't think DFW knew about it ? The Fertitta's damn well were all over it. I can guarantee you as soon as that rumour came out there were private jets straight to Vitor Belfort...the same day, or night. Belfort and Dana, and the Fertitta's exchanged some dialogue on that very night. Not only did Belfort have a broken hand, he had an injurred rib or something, plus, what looked like a high ankle sprain, but that may have just been bruising. The point is Zuffa sold you a product with advertising, and that product was broken. It was misrepresented. Belfort could not possibly deliver what he knew he couldn't deliver. That is why you didn't see Belfort Bullrushes, and that is why he pulled guard all night. His goddamned hand was broken, and so was the resultant product. The show had to go on, and they all knew Belfort was hurt. Especially after 151 getting cancelled. Do you deserve your money back ? Of course. Should Toronto sue ? thats up to whomever wants to sue Zuffa. You will have the law on your side. Thats just low ball on Dana's head. The Fertitta's knew too.

Jacinto site profile image  

9/24/12 2:53 PM by Jacinto

Well maybe because he is bashing fans and telling them not to order ppv's anymore?

goeb site profile image  

9/24/12 12:11 AM by goeb

Why should Dana be on his way out? what did he individually do wrong? this organization has different components, it is not all Dana's doing.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

9/23/12 11:43 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Less shows, more fights at op of cards that fans can watch as they have implications.Less shows.1 million PPV buys is not coming Zuffa, if you try to bake six cakes out of a two batter yield.And honestly, being an MMA fighter under at least the PPV card at some point is not a lucrative deal, so how long does this keep going on.Lose, take loss, no bonus, losing streak starts; how do you make a living?

mister3mma site profile image  

9/23/12 11:14 PM by mister3mma

Usually they do a good job of stocking cards w semi local talent. Def a lack of Canadian big names on the main event

TheTFC site profile image  

9/23/12 11:02 PM by TheTFC

And I think the other people are correct. I don't know what is going on, but Dana seems waaay more stressed now. Wouldn't be surprised if he takes a long break soon.

TheTFC site profile image  

9/23/12 11:00 PM by TheTFC

You can't just say "IFL" didn't work out. It was a Shitty org with weird rules and was poorly run.Also, their team concept was just a bunch of dudes thrown together with corny names.There should be Teams based on camps and locations who actually train together. They actually live in the city. UFC would own the rights to the name.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

9/23/12 10:54 PM by Fabefromfort

When you follow a sport there are many minor, and major players that dictate the success's, and failures of that sport. Combat sports is linear, and highyl specialized, and unique. We learn as young kids to try and achieve by elimination til we hit the top o f the ladder. Same as other sports. When players cheat, they get booted, when organizers cheat we find a different game. It's simple. In MMA we see players ducking, one of the major factors that caused the demise of boxing. Judging/ officiating in the events is OK, that is not a factor, so most of the blame would have to be in the product, and the interuption in the processes that rule, and shape the sport. In MMA the players in causing the decline of MMA, in not yet its 20th year, in the form we know it is from within, the Fighters. Anderson Silva heads up the cast here, as he started ducking ages ago. First Machida, then Jones, now Weidman. You know what ? I don't even want to see that fucker fight anymore. Fuck it ! Whats the point ? All he fights is little guys or Tomato Cans. Jones I don't want to see just about anything that's out there. I will see Jones-Weidman, or Jones-Silva. That pretty much sums it up. I like Jones but there is only Heavyweights out there for him. I'll see Dos Santos-Jones for sure, or Velasquez-Jones. Those would be worth buying. You need to preserve the integrity of the game. We need to believe, that when , for instance Silva beats everyone in the division, and so does Machida, like it did happen, then they will face each other. We need to have faith that when Jones runs out of guys to fight, and the natural fight is Silva, that it will happen. If I believe in the sport, and know full well proper superfights as we call them will happen, I will be more willing to pay for a mediocre card in between, out of good faith on my part. As of now I don't have one iota of belief in the UFC. The fights are chosen, with too much subjective criteria. Weidman is number one, and he should be fighting Silva for instance, not Bone-head. No way do I pay a nickel for that, and, you know what ? In no way, shape or form do I waste one second of my life watching that shit fight. What's the use of having Joe Silva if all that happens is the fighters turn down fights ? The integrity of the game is shot. What is the state of the game ? Watch and see ? The next few cards the bottom will fall out, is what I foresee. Don't think I will boycott ? Watch me !!!

ParadigmRaep site profile image  

9/23/12 10:03 PM by ParadigmRaep

Lol keep dreamin.

Brian J DSouza site profile image  

9/23/12 10:00 PM by Brian J DSouza

There's a solution here, but it means the market has to be more open, like how HBO and Showtime bid against each other.Competition between organizations means excitement, and it means new talent gets signed. The fighters themselves have to become bigger than life, and that won't happen if the organization they fight for actively sabotages them in public. I really haven't heard anyone in boxing circles savage Julio Chavez Jr for his DUI.