White defends TUF against 'scabs'

source: mmajunkie.com

"People are down, period, right now, man," White told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) on Saturday after UFC 152 in Toronto, responding to a question on why he thinks fans haven't been largely in support of the new UFC 153 main event between Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar. "We've been the juggernaut, and now we're going through these hard times with injuries – this is when all the scabs come out and want to stick it to you and talk about this and that and everything else."

"'The Ultimate Fighter' aired the other night, and everybody's negative on it," White said. "Dude. FX has one of biggest rosters o programming. ... They want us on Fridays? 'TUF' was the No. 1 in its time period for men (ages) 18-34, passing all cable and broadcast channels. That's a home run for FX. Is it a home run for us because we're not doing the number I think we can do if we were on Tuesday or Wednesday? No. But it's an absolute home run for FX."

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Recent Comments »

stonepony site profile image  

9/24/12 5:17 PM by stonepony

Dumb. He's a fantastic promoter. Fans need to stop crying and stop obsessing with personalities. MMA is not Wretard-Wrestling.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

9/24/12 1:27 PM by MMALOGIC

 you lose more than half of your male 18-34 audience on your signature programming (tuf) and people are "scabs" for pointing it out?  what do you think the ripple effect of losing half your target demo on you're consistent programming is gonna be?  Less people watching your free programming means less people buying ppv's, tickets, merchandise and Dana blaming everyone else except himself for it.

J_Swift site profile image  

9/24/12 1:06 PM by J_Swift

No problem, I've bought maybe 2 PPV's in the past 12 month period. I'll go be a "scab", not give you my money and continue to bitch about the rapidly declining quality of your product.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

9/24/12 1:01 PM by chaplinshouse

 http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows.php not really feeling the shows.  then again i haven't heard of 92.5% of them, they could be good

Catalyst site profile image  

9/24/12 12:58 PM by Catalyst

The only "scab" on MMA right now is Dana White himself. You may have served a purpose in the past but now youre pretty much just embarrassing and pissing all of us off.Go away already.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

9/24/12 11:29 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

That "Jugger-Not" article REALLY hit Dana hard. He says juggernaut and pretty much espouses the same views that Canadian did in his article so far as things being "down". That article caused Dana to RAGE at the press conference and it's clear it got all the way under his skin because it was true.

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

9/24/12 11:13 AM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Ya it's definitely focused too much on Drama and not enough on Hunger!! That's why I loved the Brazil Season as I felt for the first time in years I was watching fighters that REALLY Needed to make it... You could see the desire to win and compete... Not to be a reality tv star ! But i still love TUF and always will! War FreakshowWar Smilin Sam

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman site profile image  

9/24/12 11:09 AM by Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman

I'm talking about the ultimate fighter roster. The UFC roster is amazing, there's no debating it.But the TUF roster is pretty bad, as they have been for years now. Like this kid with the mohawk. You're telling me you couldn't have found a worthier opponent, Dana? Nope, it's for drama. Show sucks BUT I will watch because Carwin makes it enjoyable.

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

9/24/12 11:03 AM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

How does the Roster suck??? It's more stacked now than it has ever been... What sucks is putting on a major fight with no back up plan in place... They should have a few guys in line for replacements if the participants for the main get injured... Pay them to stay in shape, and give them a bonus ( for being there for the company) if not needed...,then if something happened, they wouldn't be scrambling to make matchups that fans aren't asking for and that the fighters are having to prepare for on a last minute basis! Love the UFC and all MMA in general and am super stoked its made it to Primetime! War UFC

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman site profile image  

9/24/12 10:43 AM by Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman

Well, good for fox. Maybe it has something to do with your roster sucking? I can't get interested in most of these guys. I'll still watch but just don't tell me not to watch, ok Dana?