Six fights to make after UFC 152

by Jeremy Botter | source:

Dan Henderson vs. Jon Jones

I touched on this briefly in my post-fight video that was filmed in Toronto, but I think it all depends on when Dan Henderson recovers from his knee injury. If Henderson is ready to go within a few months—and assuming the arm injury suffered by Jones doesn't keep him on the shelf for an extended period of time—I think a bout between the pair makes the most sense.

After all, we were supposed to see the fight happen once already, and you know how that turned out. It's still a fight fans are interested in, even if it may seem like Henderson has very little chance of actually winning. But, as Belfort briefly proved, Jones is human. Could the aging legend be the first guy to legitimately beat the champion?

Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva

No matter what you may think about Bisping as a person—and your notions are probably incorrect, anyway—there's no doubt that his dominant win over Stann should earn him a title shot. Unfortunately, he may get lost in the shuffle due to a potential Silva superfight with Georges St-Pierre. If that mega-fight doesn't happen, then Bisping deserves his opportunity.

Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva

I'm assuming that Belfort will lose the instant muscle he put on for the Jones fight and make the move back down to middleweight. He was supposed to face Wanderlei Silva earlier this year, and it's still a fight that makes a lot of sense, even if it makes me terrified for Silva's health.

Demetrious Johnson vs. John Dodson/Jussier da Silva

Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian McCall

Cub Swanson vs. Chan Sung Jung

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Sketchd site profile image  

9/25/12 1:28 PM by Sketchd

Vinny vs Lil Nog imo

NorthFromHere site profile image  

9/25/12 1:27 PM by NorthFromHere

Vinny M vs Brandon Vera

kubzilla site profile image  

9/25/12 1:15 PM by kubzilla

  lol, oops, meant shut his ass up

Snakey site profile image  

9/25/12 10:02 AM by Snakey

Jones V Anderson when Jones heals up

Fabes site profile image  

9/25/12 9:58 AM by Fabes

Swanson vs. KZ is the only fight that I would be excited about on that list. I wanna see Vitor vs. Wand for sentimental reasons.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

9/25/12 9:53 AM by MMALOGIC

 Anderson vs Bisping is a fight the MGM would pay a decent site fee for...  Silva brings the brazilian whales and bisping brings some brits and it's a marketable fight. This fight will probably happen on superbowl weekend.

UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

9/25/12 8:53 AM by UGCTT_Gaspare

They do.Vitor vs Glover!!!

0superdave0 site profile image  

9/25/12 4:37 AM by 0superdave0

i think machida and glover train together, not sure though

0superdave0 site profile image  

9/25/12 4:32 AM by 0superdave0

yea just his ass up

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

9/25/12 3:24 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Agree with all but Vitor vs Wand