Stann: I thought I won that fight [vs. Bisping]

by Jamie Penick | source:

"[I'm] disappointed obviously. Dana came back after the fight and told me he thought I won the fight," Stann said on the Fuel TV post-show. "Of course I am going to be biased, I was in there and I thought I won. I have to take an analytical view. I knew it was going to be close, but I thought I won the fight."

The loss was Stann's second in his last three bouts, the other coming against Chael Sonnen last year. But despite those two defeats, Stann thinks he can get himself right back into the mix with a couple of quality wins given the parity in the middleweight division.

"I think I could still fight the good contenders, I don't think I go back to fighting the up and comers," he said. "I think if I get two big wins in a row, I can get right back to a fight that means something. There are a lot of us to who have gotten there, fall down and then come back. That is what I have to do."

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OSBtro11 site profile image  

9/28/12 6:48 AM by OSBtro11

Ok Brian , Ok

spliff site profile image  

9/28/12 5:44 AM by spliff

lool dana thinks stan won the 1st and 3rd..  def didn't win the 3rd

spliff site profile image  

9/28/12 5:44 AM by spliff

talks about it 6 mins in

VictorG site profile image  

9/28/12 5:07 AM by VictorG

Bisping won no doubt

GARRYD site profile image  

9/28/12 2:36 AM by GARRYD

I really like Stann,but for fcuk sake I wish he hadn't come out with such BS after being clearly out pointed., seems a bit out of character for Stann ??

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

9/28/12 2:28 AM by KZTT_W85


AttentionDeficitDizzle site profile image  

9/28/12 2:19 AM by AttentionDeficitDizzle

Stann is the only person who thinks he won that fight, other than probably his mother.

leifdawg site profile image  

9/27/12 4:57 PM by leifdawg

Sports entertainment 101, a heel sells more tickets than face.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

9/27/12 1:47 PM by Mix6APlix

Yep. this.

HalfThisGameIs90PercentMental site profile image  

9/27/12 10:33 AM by HalfThisGameIs90PercentMental

Dana prob wasn't planning on Stann repeating it to the world. I can see why Dana would say that to a guy who's feeling down for losing a big fight. Was a good fight Stann is a tough sob man..