MacDonald: I have to do things my way


“It’s been tough [waiting for my injury to heal]. I’m ready to fight right away. I’m not one to sit on the sidelines. But it seems like I can’t stop getting injured in training. I’m going to make changes in how I prepare for fights and to do things my way from now on. It’s going to let me fight a lot more. I’m going to take fights on shorter notice. I’m learning from the older guys and see how they prepare for fights, like the two months of training camp. I’m tired of that. I’ll fight more often.”

“I’m feeling a lot better now. I’m able to do technique, hit pads and do conditioning. That brings up my spirits, rather than sitting on my ass. I’m putting what happened behind me and starting camp in two weeks.”

“I’ll still be training at Tristar. But I have to do things my way. At the end of the day, I’m the one getting in the cage and taking the risk and I’m the one making the final call.”

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SaintVon Barksdale site profile image  

10/7/12 1:12 PM by SaintVon Barksdale

Old MacDonald had an arm, that BJ BJ broke. Old MacDonald had a neck, that BJ BJ choked.Old MacDonald had a chin, that BJ beat like he stole.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

10/7/12 12:49 PM by NorthFromHere

I really like his views on fighting on short notice and this:"We're not businessmen in my outlook. A lot of people view us now as businessmen. I disagree with that. Maybe in my outside life if I have other investments, that's my business life, but this is fighting."

GOREILLAMAN site profile image  

9/27/12 11:20 PM by GOREILLAMAN

Threads like this remind me of why I mostly stick to the OG.

XxLiveBaitxX site profile image  

9/27/12 5:14 PM by XxLiveBaitxX namer please for soundtrack to this thread.

UGCTT_buchu8oolong site profile image  

9/27/12 4:30 PM by UGCTT_buchu8oolong

I misread it. Already corrected my mistake. Mea culpa.

UGCTT_JediMMA site profile image  

9/27/12 1:56 PM by UGCTT_JediMMA

Haha always think that when I see him

UGCTT_JediMMA site profile image  

9/27/12 1:48 PM by UGCTT_JediMMA

Love when grown men actually care about what other grown men dress like.

Standup29 site profile image  

9/27/12 9:50 AM by Standup29

Uhhh obviously outside of being injured. He said the way he is training is leading him to get injured and he is going to change it SO he CAN be more active and take fights on short notice.Come on bro, you're better than that.

Zombie Flanders site profile image  

9/27/12 9:30 AM by Zombie Flanders

Most you guys hating probably dont even train.So just STFU

Kentpaul site profile image  

9/27/12 4:42 AM by Kentpaul

He seems a bit butt hurt in that vid, probably has something to do with not being the coaches main center of attention anymore at the Tristar gym since GSP came back from injury and is training for Condit, P.S i reckon he will leave there anyway because him and GSP will have to fight sooner or later and it is obvious who the coaches will choose to side with and it ain't him IMO