Machida willing to meet GSP at middleweight


Machida revealed that he may be back in a training routine in ten days, first having to heal up a knee injury. “I will be ready to re-start in ten days to fight in December, who knows?” he says, giving no clue on who his next opponent will be.

However like his countryman and friend Anderson Silva, he has professed an interest in fighting the welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in a superfight. “It would be an interesting karate duel but I don't know at what weight we would do it. If it is at 185lbs, I will go for it,” says the former light-heavyweight champ.

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Darth Ryase site profile image  

9/28/12 12:24 PM by Darth Ryase

GSP is an average-sized WW with a ton of muscle. So what if he bulks up to 195 AT MOST? It's just that...BULKING. His perfect walking around weight is 180-185. He'd be better off at 155 than 185.

hubris site profile image  

9/28/12 10:05 AM by hubris

set it up Dana

georgejonesjr site profile image  

9/27/12 10:35 PM by georgejonesjr

I agree its not a call out, just a comment on Machida's part.And after thinking about it, I don't have a problem with them fighting - I'm assuming it would be at 170, since GSP and Machida are the same size, so Machida would have no more problem than GSP at making WW.It could even be a WW title fight, which would give Machida a chance to be the first to have had a WW and a LHW title. Win-win for everyone at 170.

WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image  


call out ben henderson while your at it lyotoWUSS

Salokcin69 site profile image  

9/27/12 7:16 PM by Salokcin69


youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

9/27/12 7:11 PM by youarewhatiswrong

Or maybe you posted two pictures in which GSP is breathing heavily, and the picture caught him on an inhale?

guardbr8kr site profile image  

9/27/12 6:09 PM by guardbr8kr

GSP was owning Rashad in practices, how forgetful and stupid the Penn fans are.GSP by vicious GNP stoppage if this fight happens at WW.

Stevia Viper site profile image  

9/27/12 2:16 PM by Stevia Viper

That's what i though. He better be training hard . Cause i think dan might just ko his ass. Keep talkin about fighting welterweights lyoto.. Youre gonna want to be changing weight divisions in a few months anyway.

hubris site profile image  

9/27/12 2:00 PM by hubris

this is like the worst fight for GSP since he won't be able to take Lyoto down with a double leg

UKTT`s official bottom wiper site profile image  

9/27/12 1:51 PM by UKTT`s official bottom wiper

obsessed ^