Magalhaes: I'm waiting for my check


“I’ll be honest, it’s not just because I lost $65,000 dollars. It’s not because I’m not going to see that. Looking at the moves as a technician, judging as a technician, as a professional, as a grappler, my move was ten times more difficult, and you know, way more impressive than his move. Maybe that’s how people judge. Maybe they judge how big the fight is, maybe they judge the fighter as well. Who knows?”

“I’ve been in the UFC before, but I heard they take care of the guys. Sometimes even if they just get the wins, they take care of them,” Magalhaes added. “Dana said after the fights, all those guys from the prelims are going to paid. They didn’t just get paid to show, they get paid to win. But the way like he said it, is almost like those guys are getting paid extra. So, I’m waiting for my check.”

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MITman2k site profile image  

9/30/12 10:08 PM by MITman2k

  ^^^  Ha ha. I love that movie.

Stevia Viper site profile image  

9/30/12 8:02 PM by Stevia Viper

Spot on

Biggy site profile image  

9/29/12 7:05 PM by Biggy

this forum has really changed alot - back in the day people would argue to the teeth that fighters get paid better because it's the fighters that make the event just as much as the organization. now people seem to defend UFC and it's policies more than ever.

fightharder site profile image  

9/29/12 3:49 AM by fightharder

Say what you want about Vinny (he did looked like a gassed a little....he still had to much muscle mass in my eyes which made him unneccesarily sluggish...but hey what do i know) but his submission was one of the greatest i ever have seen in the UFC (one one of the best in MMA period). He should have received submission of the night especially compared to the somewhat sluggish and obligatory submission of Jon Jones (which was not that great technically it was more a submission on the will of Belfort then anything else).   So should Vinny get paid a little extra, hell yes. He should perhaps not ask for it publicly, certainly so. I know managers cost money Vinny but this is exactly the reasons why they are worth it. The can say unpopulair things in your favour without people blaming you for saying them.

JimGordon site profile image  

9/28/12 10:11 PM by JimGordon


UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

9/28/12 9:18 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

"To be honest with you, Jon Jones has been screwing me over really bad lately,” Vinny said. “He’s taking money out of my pocket and because of what he did with 151, I’m not gonna fight in December.”without context, that sounds like a really dick-ish and bitter thing to say. But if you read the whole article, it's really chill and non-confrontational...almost droll.I'd really love to see him fight Phil Davis, but I think Matt Hamill is the right fight for his career.

Rcs476 site profile image  

9/28/12 7:51 PM by Rcs476

Some of you guys really do not understand context... Is it an age thing? Education (or lack thereof) perhaps?

time traveling 12er site profile image  

9/28/12 7:22 PM by time traveling 12er

He might be the Rashad McCants of MMA.

RandyDarsh site profile image  

9/28/12 6:59 PM by RandyDarsh