Keith Kizer: Nick Diaz basically lied, Diaz camp responds

by Rick Reeno | source:

Executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer sat down with's Rick Reeno to discuss among other things the recent controversy around Nick Diaz.

Rick Reeno: Nick Diaz...  popped in Nevada? [Diaz suspended for a one year period for marijuana and was fined $60,000 dollars - 30% of his $200,000 purse].

Keith Kizer: It was here, twice for the same drug, marijuana. But Nick did some things that came out in the hearing. Before the hearing, he came out and said 'yeah, well I smoked seven days before.' Wait a minute, are you saying that you lied on our pre-fight questionnaire? We asked him if he took anything in the last fifteen days. He basically admitted that he did, so we added basically the equivalent of perjury and that was part of the findings against him. So it wasn't only for testing positive for the marijuana, it was also for lying about it on the form.

The second thing with Nick is that after the fight he drank like two dozen bottles of water, which we later found out from both from his expert, as well as our own, the effect of that could very well have been the intent to lower the level of marijuana in his system to try to get it below the cutoff. It didn't quite work. He was still above the cutoff but the level wasn't very high.

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Nick Diaz manager and trainer Cesar Gracie responded characteristically:

Cesar Gracie ‏@CesarGracieBJJ
Keith Kizer is saying @nickdiaz209 drank 24 bottles of water after his fight. Lol @ this idiot being in charge of anything

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