Lyoto Machida: Jon Jones no black belt, has big holes in his game

by Jordy McElroy | source:

Phone Post

At only 25 years of age, Jones has dominated some of the greatest legends to ever put on a pair of four ounce gloves. The best minds in the sport have struggled to find any holes in his game.

But Vitor Belfort's UFC 152 performance against Jon Jones has given Lyoto Machida a newfound confidence.

At UFC 152, and in the opening moments of the first round, after being taken down, Belfort quickly transitioned to an arm-bar. Fans all over the world held their breath as the unthinkable was moments from happening. Jones' arm had reached the point of severe hyperextension.

As a potential No. 1 contender, Machida watched the fight with invested interest. Even though he has great respect for Belfort's skills, he was shocked and surprised at how the fight nearly ended.

"Vitor surprised me. He fought well. In the arm-bar, he could have ended the fight right there," said Machida during an appearance on TV Liberal's "Globo Sport."

"Jon Jones has big holes in his game, he is not this guy that everyone looks and feels unbeatable. He is aloof, seeks to evolve his weaknesses, but leaves gaps in the ground, he's no black belt. He's a dangerous guy, and you have to stay alert."

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Recent Comments »

Kirik site profile image  

9/30/12 9:56 AM by Kirik

Machida did a good job vs. Jones, until he didn't. He earned the right to note the holes he found.

MPA2000 site profile image  

9/29/12 6:15 PM by MPA2000

Note to Machida, you were subbed by a non-black belt.

stonepony site profile image  

9/29/12 5:39 PM by stonepony

You must not understand how weight classes work. There is a reason that the divisions go according to weight and not height. Because height divisions would be retarded.

stonepony site profile image  

9/29/12 5:36 PM by stonepony

IMO, the only people making that prediction, are the people who have been consistently wrong predicting JJ fights.Rua will do it. Machida will do it. Evans will do it. Quinton will do it. Vitor will do it. Dan will do it.Machida will do it...Machida has the best chance. It's a small chance though. Don't bet on it.

djones site profile image  

9/29/12 12:54 PM by djones

Interesting that he is knowledgeable about the holes in JJ game but still refused to fight him with a full 4 weeks notice.

46and2 site profile image  

9/29/12 12:48 PM by 46and2

There's a real good one of Fedor walking away from a recently deceased Arlovski, too.

Dirty_Boxer site profile image  

9/29/12 12:22 PM by Dirty_Boxer

I hope Machida gets his shot soon! It's win-win: either he defeats Jones or he gets out of title contention. If it's the first then yay Jones is no longer champ! If it's the latter then Silva can stop off there to take Jones' belt! I don't think he'll actually get 4 division belts but it'll be exciting to watch him try. ^_^

Mdson site profile image  

9/29/12 11:43 AM by Mdson

Everbody has holes in their game. If we talk about pure BJJ, then JJ is not a black belt. Bottom line is, MMA isn't BJJ. Jones has proven time and time again, he finds a way to finish guys every damn time.

JLTECH site profile image  

9/29/12 11:23 AM by JLTECH

Big holes r u freaking kidding me where r these big holes u speak of

hadouyoudo site profile image  

9/29/12 11:20 AM by hadouyoudo

You may be right on this one. It's all about the weight. I apologize for the ridiculous comment.