White: Mitrione turned down Cormier, makes me sick

by Matt Erickson | source: mmajunkie.com

Cormier (10-0 MMA, 7-0 SF) was scheduled to fight former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir (16-6 MMA, 14-6 UFC) in about a month in Oklahoma City. But Mir dropped out with an injury, and White and the Zuffa brass went to work on his replacement.

White thought it was going to be Matt Mitrione (5-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC) – but the UFC heavyweight turned down the fight earlier this week.

"It f---ing makes me sick," White told MMAjunkie.com on Saturday following the UFC on FUEL TV 5 post-fight news conference. "Listen, you don't want big opportunities, I hear you. I get it, then. All I can say is, I guess he doesn't want big opportunities. I get it. Duly noted.

"He wants to fight a guy who weighs 205, but doesn't want to fight the guy who's the real heavyweight, the legitimate guy who's ranked. And Mitrione's not getting any younger."

"F---in' insane," White said. "It makes no sense to me, and it's insane. I'm a little bummed out by it. We'll figure it out. Yeah, (he's already got a fight booked). He said, 'I'll just take that one.'"

White told MMAjunkie.com that Cormier agreeing to fight Mitrione wasn't any kind of an issue.

"Cormier will fight anybody," White said. "The guys who are the real guys fight anybody, man. They'll fight anybody."

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bhealthy site profile image  

10/5/12 5:17 PM by bhealthy

Bafflong. Why didnt Fudd get his boy Pheal??

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

10/5/12 1:45 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

"Haters"....Gotta love um!!

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

10/5/12 1:43 PM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Hey man, she's a married women... And I'm a taken man... I would never consider getting a room with a SUPER HOT married lady that likes MMA as much as I do.... I mean jeeezzz was our PDA really that rough on your Virgin eyes?? Penthouse Suite rented at the Wynn under the name Sancho Smith....Key for you at check in Vix ... Lol ... Sorry the Scorpio in me blurted that out!

TenOfSwords site profile image  

10/3/12 8:39 AM by TenOfSwords

Not for nothing, but Matt Mitrione couldn't have asked to train with a more perfect sim for DC if he did take the fight.

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman site profile image  

10/2/12 4:03 PM by Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman


jbapk site profile image  

10/2/12 4:00 PM by jbapk

Charlie BrennemanThis whole thread has become very ironic

machinegunman site profile image  

10/1/12 10:39 PM by machinegunman

I like Dana's style, but sometimes he gets carried away. No pro fighter is scared of anyone. He has to make fights, sell tickets, make numbers. Fighters however have to win, and keep winning if they want to stay in the game and be successful. If u lose 3 u can be cut from the big show. I see both sides. Its double edged, but saying why Mitrione shunned a fight with a fighter like Cormier, is wrong in my opinion. Its almost like Dana is running away with the idea that he can blast a fighter publicly like he did JBJ and appease the masses. They were two totally different situations. Mitrione is hungry and wants fights. That doesn't mean he'll fight world class fighters on a short notice. Am i making sense folks?

machinegunman site profile image  

10/1/12 10:32 PM by machinegunman

I understand why he turned it down, but the flip side is he has been bitching for fights and then he gets one and turns it down. Cormier is no joke, maybe he saw that and realized he needed more time to prepare for him. In that case, if it were me, i would have done the same thing. Matt's no bitch, but Cormier is fixing surprise some folks too.

FixedPartialArts site profile image  

10/1/12 10:22 PM by FixedPartialArts

FDW scapegoating other people for the byproducts of his mistakes as usual.

Neil Funk site profile image  

10/1/12 10:20 PM by Neil Funk

Losing to DC wouldn't hurt much? Wow you're dumb. Two things:A. If Matt loses a Strikeforce fight, he will never see the inside of a UFC Octagon ever again in his life. B. You can't guarantee shit. You're a 400 post noobie named SQUEEZIE.