White agrees to lay off bashing Greg Jackson as part of deal with Jones

by Luke Thomas | source: mmafighting.com

"So, when I sat down with Jon Jones and we I talked, I made a deal with Jon," White said Saturday. "I'm not going to say anything about Greg Jackson."

This doesn't mean White feels differently about Jackson, though. But if he holds up his end of the bargain, keeping quiet about his opinion has almost the same impact as changing it. "I think you guys know my opinion and how I feel. It hasn't changed. I'm just not going to talk about Greg Jackson. It's good news. I will keep my big mouth shut about Greg Jackson. That's part of my deal with Jones."

"I do think Jon Jones' arm would be feeling a lot better right now if he didn't listen to Greg Jackson and that's all I'm going to say."

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MMAFAN695 site profile image  

10/2/12 3:14 PM by MMAFAN695

Looks like the Alpha male is acutally the Alpha FEMALE!!! Greg Jackson is protected by Jon Jones... Jon Jones is protected by his Mother...   LOL at Dana for backing down from Jon's mom     

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

10/2/12 3:05 PM by LilBrockonmychest

Where you at OP?  I know you're checking this.  Don't puss out now.  Hell, I don't even like Jackson, but it's funny when people like you who can't think for themselves and just repeat what others say, spout off and won't back up your comments.  Show me all of these other camps that are finishing more than Jacksons guys.

CHILLITACO site profile image  

10/2/12 11:59 AM by CHILLITACO

Come on... how else is he going to let us inter-webs people know that we have to now pick up the Jackson market hate shortfall?

HolyAvengerP5 site profile image  

10/2/12 11:45 AM by HolyAvengerP5

so, jbj turns down a fight and 151 gets cancelledthen, jbj gets put on the next card which is much better so he will get more ppv money. then he gets sub of the night. now, dana cannot talk about greg jacksondana, when you are done sucking jbj's dick, i think kirstie alley wants it back.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/2/12 10:36 AM by chaplinshouse

E was a poet.  "what about the bitch that got shot? fuck her.  you think I give a damn about a bitch I aint a sucka"  RIP genius

Neil McCauley site profile image  

10/2/12 1:29 AM by Neil McCauley

^still bumping the GMIX boys n the hood to this day!neil funk held it down from the get go.

GeneraI site profile image  

10/1/12 3:05 PM by GeneraI

This man know ^

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

10/1/12 2:55 PM by LilBrockonmychest

So basically what you're saying is that no, you don't want to compare 4 or 5 fighters from ANY OTHER top camp versus 4 or 5 from Jacksons?  We can compare finishes, OTN bonuses, total wins, etc...  Do you realize that Clay Guida has the same amount of finishes in his last 5 fights as Nick Diaz?  Do you realize Condit has finished 3 of his last 5 when Nate Diaz has only finished 2?  If they fight so conservatively and utilize the "safe and no finish" strategy, how can they finish more fighters than the Diaz brothers and at a higher level (both of Nicks finishes were in SF)? Also, since you completely blame Jackson when a fighter has a boring fight, do you in turn give Jackson credit when Jones, Cowboy, Condit, Cub Swanson, Leonard Garcia, Nate Marquardt, or Stann have exciting fights?  Or does that not fit your agenda? So, list 4 or 5 fighters from another camp and I'll list the same number from Jacksons.  This should be easy to back up with facts.  Don't backpedal and tuck now.  Stand up for your comments.