UFC 153: He's amazing

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KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/3/12 7:38 PM by KingofBJJ


uberpinscher site profile image  

10/3/12 5:26 PM by uberpinscher

I'm more concerned about my boner now than bonnar

Johnny Drama site profile image  

10/3/12 5:05 PM by Johnny Drama

micheal bisping would submit him in the first round guarenteed. 

stayrad site profile image  

10/3/12 4:58 PM by stayrad

Lol any weight? Why doesn't he move up and fight jones ? Instead of challenging GSP

keylockarmbar site profile image  

10/3/12 3:44 PM by keylockarmbar

it will be a debate between the fedor and silva backers for a looong time but in my view theyre tied. fedor is the reason people fight like they do today. the first real blue print of a MMA fighter. while andy was getting leglocked and triangled by guys who he should not have lost to fedor was dominating and while andy was growing his brand and record fedor was on a decline. the only thing i myself can think andy is guilty of is playing down to his competition at times. and if you feel andy is not fighting the best guys you gotta blame the depth at middleweight. its not his fault hes a shark in the pond. hes in the best organization for comp and they just dont have anyone and why would a 36 year old champ with legitimate goat claim be interested in fighting a bigger younger possibly future record holder of title defenses in his own right other than to appease the haters? id love to see jones/silva as much as anyone but if the man doesnt want to fight him for whatever reason then i feel hes given us enough that we should let it be. ferdor was the man. andy is the man. when jones gets over his mental hurdle that will come with age he'll be one of if not the best p4p guy on the planet. and while GSP is elite of the elite and can be mentioned in the same breath as andy and jones without dispute, his fights do leave something to be desired almost perpetually. im a huge fan of all fighters ive mentioned but thats just the way i feel. i cant wait to see all fight again minus my main man emelianenko. peace to my people at mma.tv. love you guys and its good to be back

Andy the man site profile image  

10/3/12 12:49 PM by Andy the man

He is up there.

Andy the man site profile image  

10/3/12 12:48 PM by Andy the man

I've just done the same for you :-)Twat.

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

10/3/12 12:39 PM by UGCTT_Winnson

GSP's the goat.Tell me where I'm wrong?

Salokcin69 site profile image  

10/3/12 12:34 PM by Salokcin69

This. Although I'd personally say anderson is the GOAT.

UKTT`s official bottom wiper site profile image  

10/3/12 12:33 PM by UKTT`s official bottom wiper

just admit you're flaming anyone who competes with fedor for GOAT title and move on.  you're not making a good argument here.