Bigfoot Silva: This fight for me is all-or-nothing

by Franklin McNeil | source:

“This fight for me is all-or-nothing,” Silva told “I’m coming into this fight knowing the importance of fighting in the UFC. The UFC is the best promotion in the world, and by having a better performance and victory, it will transcend into a better life for my family.

“It will also transcend into a better life for me professionally.”

“It’s enabled me to focus on one strategy for my opponent,” Silva said. “Since the opponent remained the same from the beginning of my camp until the end of my camp, I was able to stay very focused.

“That is definitely going to benefit me in this fight.”

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madmav site profile image  

10/5/12 9:58 PM by madmav


EdTheGreat site profile image  

10/5/12 9:58 PM by EdTheGreat

TKO* of the night?

UGCTT_JediMMA site profile image  

10/3/12 8:50 PM by UGCTT_JediMMA


GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

10/3/12 8:20 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Shirt notice fight. He was suppose to fight Roy, would've been a more winnable fight IMO. Cain looked like an unstoppable frate train

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/3/12 7:54 PM by KingofBJJ


Chappie site profile image  

10/3/12 7:21 PM by Chappie

Indeed, interesting fight. Silva is still an extremely talented guy, it will be interesting to see how this fight plays out.

CODELMJVG site profile image  

10/3/12 5:57 PM by CODELMJVG

They fucked silva over with Cain.

Awesomestprimedmybung site profile image  

10/3/12 4:03 PM by Awesomestprimedmybung

Hapa is way too quick, Bigfoot doesn't have much of a chance.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/3/12 4:01 PM by MMALOGIC

a possible opponent for barnett if he loses.  the other 2 candidates would be shane del rosario and stipe miocic.

Media Monster site profile image  

10/3/12 3:29 PM by Media Monster



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