TUF 16, episode 4 recap

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Round 1 - Referee Josh Rosenthal is in charge of the fight. Bristol takes the center to open, and Julian engages in the center of the cage before Bristol switches to the outside and puts his opponent on the fence. It's a bit of a stalemate in the clinch, but Bristol pushes in from the outside and drives in a few short knees. The pair does break and flurry briefly, but Bristol quickly returns to a Thai clinch in hopes of controlling the action. He lets go shortly after, and Julian does look to be a little winded just a few minutes into the round. Bristol returns to the clinch, where he's strong against the cage. Julian's team wants him to break away, which he finally does. Bristol is cut and open and bleeding at a decent clip. Julian fires off several power shots, but it's still Bistol landing the majority of the quality blows. Julian shoots in the close the round, but Bristol stuffs it and transitions to the back, but the frame ends before he can capitalize. Despite the damage, MMAjunkie.com awards the round to Bristol, 10-9.

Round 2 - Julian slips on an early power shot. He's still fighting on the outside, and Bristol lands a few powerful low kicks. Julian tries to return fire with his own low kicks and a few overhand counters, but fatigue appears to be an issue. Still, he is landing the occasional power shot, and his punches look formidable. It's a slow-paced round as time winds down, and Bristol decides to move back into the clinch. Julian looks for a trip and transitions to the back when Bristol scrambles to remain upright. However, Bristol quickly turns in and switches the position against the cage. They break with a little less than one minute remaining. Bristol resumes his attack from the center. Julina continues to wing overhands, and Roy is begging for him to press. Instead, he stays outside until the bell. Team Nelson thinks Julian did enough to take the round, and even the Team Carwin corner believes there as at least a potential of a third, sudden-victory round. However, MMAjunkie.com awards the round to Bristol, 10-9, giving him the fight 20-18. The judges all agree.

Bristol Marunde def. Julian Lane via unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

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Immaculata site profile image  

10/7/12 7:49 PM by Immaculata

Just saw the fight. It should have went to the 3rd rnd.

CoreNobody site profile image  

10/7/12 4:13 PM by CoreNobody

According to Douchhawk,He was training 3 times a day,yet has shit for cardio.Yeah that 3 times a day is real believable.I feel bad for his kids.

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

10/7/12 3:42 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

I am still bothered by hearing this cockwaffle brag about his 'girl' working two jobs while pregnant so he could work on his mohawk & tribals...he easily overtakes anything Junie did to take the biggest TUF douche of alltime award

NorthFromHere site profile image  

10/7/12 5:31 AM by NorthFromHere

While his pregnant chick was working two jobs, I wonder what this douche was doing. He wasn't learning how to fight at the gym, thats for sure.

LastMinuteReplacement site profile image  

10/7/12 5:29 AM by LastMinuteReplacement

I would say jason statham and brian stann

mchase126 site profile image  

10/6/12 4:57 PM by mchase126

+ another what... $100 per month for tanning? $100 for douchey sunglasses to wear indoors? Lol at this guy talking about having heart and being desparate and wanting it more when he has absolute shit for cardio and cries like a bitch in training when they want to go another round. I almost have no sympathy for his girlfriend sticking around, 2 jobs to support this guy while he half-ass Tranes UFC for like an hour a day. She probably cooks and cleans and cares for his kids the rest of the day while he sits around playing UFC Undisputed Career Mode.

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

10/6/12 12:29 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

$500 worth of tribal tats+ $20 a month in red paint for his mohawkHis pregnant GF may need a third job!

HolyAvengerP5 site profile image  

10/6/12 11:12 AM by HolyAvengerP5

i was crying with laughter as he was cryinghe has nothing? well, maybe he is a douchepoor kid though. maybe his gf will dump him and get someone who is not a douche for a stepdad for the kid.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/6/12 10:43 AM by Winston Wolf

that said Roy waited way too late to say anything

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/6/12 10:41 AM by Winston Wolf

dude was heavy at weigh in and thought was a draw That said Mohawk has zero cardoio and didnt listen to a word Roy said