Nick Diaz: Bonnar fighting Silva instead of me is 'a joke'


Nick Diaz always seems to start out uncomfortable around strangers, as well as the media. But his usual m.o. in an interview is to start talking about a subject, whether it be fighting, nutrition, training, growing up, and well, then it's this wild stream of consciousness that it appears he, and nobody else, knows where it's going to end up. But he never really opened up or said anything past the obvious, such as if he wasn't suspended and they asked him to fight Georges St-Pierre tomorrow, he'd be up for it.

He brought up, when somewhat led in that direction, that he'd make a better opponent for Anderson Silva than Stephan Bonnar. Given that Silva was only willing to fight at light heavyweight because of the short notice aspect, and Diaz is a natural welterweight, and Diaz is under suspension until February, it's all a moot point to begin with. It's not as if UFC had a choice for Silva's opponent between Bonnar and Diaz and then chose Bonnar.

"They said in what world does it make sense," in referring to Dana White's reaction when Diaz's camp tried to push the idea of a Silva vs. Nick Diaz fight at one point. "Me or Stephan Bonnar, it would have been a big laughing matter or a joke, but that's what's happening now. I think if I was Anderson Silva and I'm on my way out of this and I'm 37, I'm looking to do a few more fights like that, I want to fulfill my legacy and I'm not going to be able to do it with Stephan Bonnar."

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32Hunter site profile image  

10/14/12 3:01 AM by 32Hunter

I'm Baked out of my face so if I'm rambling oh well.

32Hunter site profile image  

10/14/12 3:00 AM by 32Hunter

man I didn't know it was you.since you were honest in the Gsp-Andy thread I'll be honest here.his big run out of the ufc got him his spot, yeah those names are lackluster. all of his ufc losses are contriversial , I'm pissed that the Condit bullshit loss is gonna screw himout of my dreammatch. (and my plan was to make as much noise as I could to make it happen) anyway I'm pretty old so I'm pretty oldschool in my beliefs and I'm not a fan of decisions victories especially when the guy avoids the fight. where was I? oh yeah, who has he beat at ww? I can't even argue nobody really, I just hope he gets Kampmann when he gets back, he'd be a good name guy who's dumb enough to fight Nick's long as he get's 5 rounders then he should get the crack at GSp soon. btw I want GSP to remain undefeated until they meet.

carcaju site profile image  

10/7/12 9:03 AM by carcaju

Bisping vs Diaz would be a great fight!

carcaju site profile image  

10/7/12 9:03 AM by carcaju

Bisping vs Diaz would be a great fight!

Blazing Knees site profile image  

10/7/12 7:40 AM by Blazing Knees

Choi and ZUlu are freak shows  with NO talent and Fedor fought both of them.....Bonnar has fought 5 champs. Idiot   "hollllllaaaaaaa' what are you fucking 14 yrs old ?.   You must be short in stature. Shorty

KaBrooney site profile image  

10/7/12 7:30 AM by KaBrooney

This ain't who I quoted

KaBrooney site profile image  

10/7/12 5:53 AM by KaBrooney

I would prefer this rematch to any other rematch that has been mentioned.

epic hero site profile image  

10/7/12 4:33 AM by epic hero

He never really said that though. What he said is people were mocking the idea of him fighting Silva...while Silva fighting Bonnar doesn't make sense either and is kind of a joke in itself. He never said Silva should be fighting him instead.

SmasherSnu site profile image  

10/7/12 4:06 AM by SmasherSnu

There are weight classes for a reason...Bonnar would push Diaz shit in...

BUFFGEO site profile image  

10/7/12 1:09 AM by BUFFGEO

If Diaz wants to move up to fight someone I'd like to see him take a shot at Bisping