Dana White furthur explains situation with Jeremy Stephens' arrest

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

Earlier today it was learned that Jeremy Stephens, who was scheduled to compete at the UFC on FX 5 tonight, had been arrested for an out-of-state felony charge. Throughout the day, the UFC had insisted that Stephens would indeed be able to fight, but unfortunately the bout did not occur. Tonight, UFC President Dana White took to the forum to reveal more details on the situation:`

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So here's the deal. I have been working since 11am to get him out of jail. the people in Iowa hate this kid and are going to stick it to him for SURE. Everytime I would cut a deal for bail they would change the deal and I was willing to do anything. They kept changing the deal thinking I would tapout and when I didn't they left me hangin changing it every 5 mins. People at Minn Sheriffs Dept were amazing and I wNt to thank them. He has been in town since Monday and they arrested him Friday at 11am for a reason to really fuck him. I literally just told Yves he wasn't fighting 35 mins ago. He is a TRUE OLD SCHOOL PRO who waited all night for us to try and get Jeremy here!!!!! It is a pleasure being in biz with u Yves. So I wanted u the fans to hear it from me first.

He was arrested for a warrant from 2011 for assault.

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fightharder site profile image  

10/11/12 6:18 AM by fightharder

If it would get you anywhere one should really sue the police since they obviously causes monetairy damages. But the burden of prove and the added hassle would be to much.   Having said that it is extremely uplifting to hear that Dana took the effort to support his fighter and tried to repair the situation for us fans. This is something that is rather unique and for all the people disliking Dana (myself not one of him) you got to respect him for his actions.   Now i do not know what to think about the actual contends of the charge and where the blame lies for this ''penetrating'' the fightcard on Fuel (the police, Stevens and his lawyer or both) but it is very uplifting to see Dana stand behind his fighters and the fans.

fightharder site profile image  

10/11/12 4:52 AM by fightharder

I have one question though. Why is he being arrested for an 2011 case. Shouldnt his lawyer handled this by now.   Still the timing of the arrest is extremely suspicious. I do hope Stevens was never involved in any altercation and the whole situation will blow over. But if he did actually assault someone and there are no circumstances explain his faulty judgement he should be punished for it. MMA fighters do carry extra responsibilities not to get into fights with other people.

Elite Alkemist site profile image  

10/8/12 1:35 PM by Elite Alkemist

Not saying its the truth, its just what's been talked about. Lots of people in the Des Moines area heard about this when it happened. people that don't fight or trane included.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

10/8/12 1:03 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

thats sucks , how do we hear the truth if you cant post it

DJmixmasterMobbie site profile image  

10/8/12 12:29 PM by DJmixmasterMobbie

it's really sad that people can have such strong opinions that don't even know the first thing about the situation. and big fucking LOL at people who even think that being involved in the military automatically makes u the victim in a situation like this. get fuckin real. i'm still 100% Team Lil Heathen.believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, in my opinion.

Elite Alkemist site profile image  

10/8/12 12:06 PM by Elite Alkemist

It's not just you. They removed lots of my posts from the other thread too, Including my description of what I was told happened.

Rockcod site profile image  

10/8/12 10:02 AM by Rockcod

He'll just decide that he "needs to find a new place to train" in another state, as he did last time.Is it me or did a ton of posts disappear from this thread?

HexRei site profile image  

10/8/12 9:36 AM by HexRei

Nothing I have seen suggests he knew there was a warrant out for him. I'd GTFO after a bar fight too. And no, he definitely is not a fucking flight risk. Don't be asinine. Yeah, Jeremy Stephens is going to take a boat to Bogota and assume a new identity! HURRRRRRRRRR

Phisher site profile image  

10/8/12 1:12 AM by Phisher


RangerDanger site profile image  

10/8/12 12:32 AM by RangerDanger