Team Death Clutch is dead, Barry with MMAA

by Damon Martin | source:

The heavyweight team that assembled around Brock Lesnar formed when the former UFC heavyweight champion determined to build a facility that would make him a more complete mixed martial artist, while also keeping him close to his home in MInnesota.

Despite Lesnar's Dec. 2011 exit from MMA, the team carried on with fighters like Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad and UFC heavyweight Pat Barry.

Then came the news that Konrad was going to walk away from fighting. That left Pat Barry as the last fighter standing alongside coach Marty Morgan, who soon bolted as well.

Barry had to find a new place to train, and while he’s found a team and a trainer, he’s back to once again being the only heavyweight in the room.

“Three years in Milwaukee (working with Duke Roufus) and I left. I up and moved here, brought everything here, to train with a team of nothing but big guys, and now they’re all gone. So once again, I’m the biggest guy in the gym,” Barry told UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

“No more Death Clutch; no more big guys. Now I’m full time at the Academy with Greg Nelson in Minneapolis. He’s phenomenal, great at everything. I was already a part of the Academy, but I was training with Marty and Cole and now that they’re gone, I’m full-time, 100-percent part of the Academy, Greg Nelson’s gym in Minneapolis,” said Barry.

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Duke Roufus site profile image  

10/11/12 11:41 AM by Duke Roufus

Pat & I are all good. Just hit me up last week about my newborn daughter.We do not have any big boys here. Biggest fighter in ammy 205 fighter, we have a huge 170 & down squad & 2 185 pros.I think Greg Nelson is a great coach & can help bring out the best in Pat!

CaptainWoody site profile image  

10/11/12 11:36 AM by CaptainWoody


CaptainWoody site profile image  

10/11/12 11:21 AM by CaptainWoody

I live about 10 minutes from the AcademyLooks like I gotta go there and kick Barry's ass and get him ready and deadly.Holy shit I'm sooo kidding, he would break my femur in half

LoganClark site profile image  

10/11/12 10:55 AM by LoganClark

I have an undefeated pro hwt who came from pro boxing on my team. I would like to get him up to the Academy to train with Barry, and there are other hwts in the Twin Cities area, but they seem to be fairly well spread out. We must find a way to keep Barry in MN, so people need to accept the commute. 

TenOfSwords site profile image  

10/11/12 5:20 AM by TenOfSwords

At least Pat had enough common sense not to go with the Lackzilians!

fightharder site profile image  

10/11/12 5:17 AM by fightharder

Its a shame Konrad retired. I am pretty sure he is making more steady money in his current job but the dude had still major potential. Then again he might have made a calculation that,considering his age, fighting and training would not be worth the effort in a financial sense.   I still think the UFC should have signed him sooner. He might have gotten a few loses under his belt but the money in the UFC (and potential for sponsors) might have convinced him to stay in the game and eventually develop into someone who could be a top contender.   Gotto love Barry but he really should move to a team where there more heavyweights. Why doesnt he move to one of the bigger camps?

Willin_But_Not_Chaeble site profile image  

10/10/12 5:56 PM by Willin_But_Not_Chaeble

They didn't have any heavyweights for Pat to toss around at Duke's according to Barry himself. I can't see how Roofus could have a problem with him leaving if that was the case...

Tap In site profile image  

10/10/12 5:52 PM by Tap In

I think this will be good for Pat, he's been performing below what he is capable of imo

cheesesteak site profile image  

10/10/12 5:52 PM by cheesesteak

What's up with Ariel shadowing Pat Barry?

GriffinQ site profile image  

10/10/12 5:50 PM by GriffinQ

When Pat left Duke's... Was it totally amicably ? I don't remember hearing much about it and then one day he was just at DC instead of Duke's, and he seemed to dismiss going back there out of hand.Not intending to stir anything up, just legitimately curious. Especially cuz Id thought Pat and Pettis were like best friends.