Prindle vs. Santos II: Pay back is a... broken pubic bone

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Saturday night, in the quarterfinal round of the Bellator Season 7 Heavyweight Tournament, Eric Prindle was disqualified after he axe kicked Thiago Santos in the nether region. Santos was carried from the cage on a stretcher, reportedly with a broken pubic bone.

Herman details what happened in a recent interview with Pro MMA Now Radio.

PRO MMA NOW: You’re coming off a rematch with Thiago Santos at Bellator 75 last weekend in which you were disqualified after landing an accidental groin shot with an axe kick that apparently injured Thiago enough so that he was unable to continue. Have you heard any update on Santos since the fight on the severity of the injury?

Eric Prindle: First I just want to apologize to the fans, Bellator and Thiago Santos for the accidental groin shot! I heard from a fight doctor that Santos’ pubic bone was fractured. The doc said it’s below the belly button and higher than the groin.

PMN: That’s the first fight I’ve ever seen a guy carried out on a stretcher due to a groin shot. What was going through your mind as soon as you landed that axe kick and saw he was injured?

EP: First thing that went threw my mind was, “Oh sh*t!” Then I felt so bad for him I know the pain that he was feeling and just hope he didn’t have a long recovery like I did!

PMN: Now a major difference in this fight and your first fight with Santos, is that the first fight, as you just said, was ruled a No Contest and this most recent fight was ruled a disqualification and the loss goes on your record. How disappointing is that and why was there a difference in the rulings — is it just because the fights were in different states where the athletic commissions have different rules on that particular matter?

EP: It is really disappointing more than I can articulate to you! I’m not sure why they ruled it in different ways! And to me the first fight kick looked intentional due to the soccer kick to the groin. But I’m not a ref or the commission.

Read entire interview...

As alluded to, Saturday's fight has a strange history.

The pair met for the first time on 26 November 2011 in the finals of the Bellator season-five heavyweight tournamen. On the line was the tournament crown, a six-figure payout ($100,000 total purse - 1st fight was 10/10, 2nd & 3rd was 20/20), and a title shot against Heavyweight champion Cole Konrad. Unfortunately, early in the bout Santos soccer kicked Prindle in the groin.

Prindle was unable to continue, the bout was declared a No Contest after the referee inexplicably determined the kick was unintentional, and Prindle experienced notable swelling in the affected area, noting on Twitter that "my right boy is dubble size" and posting NSFW proof.

The two were rescheduled to fight 12 March 2012 at Bellator 61, but Prindle got the flu, and was forced to withdraw at the last moment. Finally they were scheduled to fight March 23 at Bellator 62, but Santos weighed in at 277.8, and was unable to make the 265 pound cutoff, so Prindle was declared the tournament winner.

Saturday night they fought again, and once again it ended with a illegal kick

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10/12/12 5:27 PM by Diesel67

That's how it's done. The cage is no place for Christian charity. Kill or be killed.

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If Sigmund Freud were an MMA commentator, I'd love to hear his breakdown of the Eric Prindle vs. Thiago Santos fights.  

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Yeah between his fighter bashing and attitude it's easy to believe someone else voted him down.

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Entirely reasonable. We're talking about inches, easy to damage anything badly in the area

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Huh, no dude it wasn't me I went offline and to class after I posted that, it was someone else.   I have no idea where it landed just thought it might have hit higher.   You could very well be right

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i don't understand how anyone still doubts that prindle got kicked in the balls

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I hope someone has posted the jz cavalcante and kenny florian abb all balls brawl video!

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I hope someone has posted the jz cavalcante and kenny florian abb all balls brawl video!

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Looks like prindle got kicked in the butthole.