Dana White: Silva #1, GSP #2, Jones #3

source: espn.co.uk

In a recent interview with ESPN.co.uk, UFC President Dana White explained who he thinks the three best fighters in MMA are, in order.

Q: "GSP, is he still your number 2?"

Dana White: "[Georges St-Pierre] is my number two.

"Jon Jones is getting there. I think Jon Jones proved a lot to a lot of people in that fight (vs. Vitor Belfort). Staying in that armbar, popping out of it like he wasn't even in an armbar, continuing to fight the way that he did, kept himself together mentally. He came a long way.

"My thing is, I don't ever give Jon Jones the huge ... these other guys, Anderson Silva's been doing it since 2005 in the UFC, Georges St. Pierre's been doing it forever. Jon Jones has been on a tear for a year and a half. He's had some problems.

"Time will tell. We'll see what happens, where he ends up. At the rate he's going, he's on his way to number one and possibly going down as one of the greatest ever, too."

Q: "Do you see him one day surpassing Anderson Silva?"

DFW: "He so young, that's the thing. If Anderson Silva wasn't the freak of nature that he is, and the guys's still 38 years old doing what he is doing.

"But Jon Jones has... forever."

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Deuce77 site profile image  

10/12/12 8:14 PM by Deuce77

Because he's fought outside of his weight class, Silva is number one. Because he hasn't fought in a long time, GSP has to be number three.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/12/12 8:02 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

LMAO@ thinking that speed and reflexes are the same as height/reach.   If Jones never did anything athletic his whole life he would still be 6'4" and 84.5" reach. If Anderson never did anything athletic his speed and reflexes would SUCK.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/12/12 8:00 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

No but I will be more impressed when he fight Gistaffson and then a few HWs who are only a little heavier but equal or close in height and reach like JDS...;)

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

10/12/12 8:00 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

I think he's number two. I like to think of it as simply who is the most skilled. I think GSP is better than Jones too. I think guys like Machida would be up there purely based on skill too.It's important to remember p4p is inferior to holding the belt, however.

T Bag site profile image  

10/12/12 7:56 PM by T Bag

I cannot put Silva at the top of that list due to his ridiculous chin and speed/reflexes. Imagine if he had Arlovski's chin and Bonnar's speed? His physical gifts are truly unfair

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

10/12/12 7:54 PM by UGCTT_nightkap

^___No....Silva is at the top of almost every p4p list...

T Bag site profile image  

10/12/12 7:53 PM by T Bag

LOL..who gives a fuck? He's fighting the best period. So you'll be more impressed if he fights Oliviera, Kingsbury and Diabate because they're the biggest LHWs?

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/12/12 7:48 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

Size is not solely weight silly. Classes of combat are divided by weight but that is only one factor in a persons size.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/12/12 7:47 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

I can source Jones himself tweeting that he was 224 the morning of the rashad fight and 226 vs janitor. Those are NOT walking around weights which are useless. Those are weight in the cage which is a great indication of what size they really are. Some cutters start more than a week out. Some don't. Source Aldo at 170 the Monday before Mendez please.

Awesomestprimedmybung site profile image  

10/12/12 7:45 PM by Awesomestprimedmybung

It's no use trying to use logic Lnpinja, Phisher is on Jones' left nut and Warzone209 is on his right nut.