UFC match maker defends decision to cut Johnson

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com

"I thought it was incredibly unfair to Gunnar Nelson to fight someone that much larger than him," Silva said. "Johnson told me he could make the weight. He's not doing me a favor if he missed weight because I could have gotten someone else who would have made the weight.

"I never pressure anyone to take late notice fights. I got a bunch of guys who want to fight. If one says no, I will find someone else. No problem."

Johnson, who said he was medically cleared to fight after his suspension, confirmed this series of events with MMAFighting.com.

"Honestly, it really was my fault for accepting a fight on seven days notice and thinking I could lose 30 pounds, actually it came out to 35 pounds, and I only lost 27. That's my bad. I only was supposed to fight in December, so it's not out of the realm of possibilities [to miss weight] when I just fought in August and it's the end of September because, you know, I was big because I hadn't been able to work out or do anything.

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ocdacc site profile image  

10/12/12 11:41 PM by ocdacc

good post

LeftLowKick site profile image  

10/12/12 5:05 PM by LeftLowKick

the issue is, is that he said he could make it and he didn't

Stevia Viper site profile image  

10/12/12 4:29 PM by Stevia Viper

Joe Silva comes across as an ass in this.

Jweinberg site profile image  

10/12/12 4:08 PM by Jweinberg


SQUEEZIE site profile image  

10/12/12 1:32 PM by SQUEEZIE

all those fights were gd,i think one of those was short notice also. and he had a better chance of winning if he wasent trying to plz fans and the ufc,because he obviuosly goes in there to finish or get finished

futurepr0n site profile image  

10/12/12 11:27 AM by futurepr0n

Missed wieght once in 9 fights prior to this one..Everyone whos using that argument, you would think the guy is Rumble Johnson FFS.. Im tired of that argument. Get a new one. He wasnt a repeat offender, and when he did miss the weight it was by less than 2lbs. Give me a break..The issue we got here is A) he shouldnt have been approached period. B) him being cut seems disrespectful.To continue saying that HE was disrespectful for missing weight, is insane. He just came off a layoff, he accepted the fight because he thought he could make the weight, and its expected that if you are called upon by the company, you should step up. Dana blasting people in the media recently for avoiding these types of things has got to add to the pressure of accepting when approached.Im sure Joe Silva is not a bad person. I'm sure Cindy isn't either. But the cut doesnt seem justified and I dont know how they can stand in a position to argue otherwise by running around the fact that there is apparently so many other guys - why ask DJ after he was just knocked out? You think he would be a lot further down the list.You think he's the only guy that big fighting at WW? You are funny dudes..

Dougie site profile image  

10/12/12 11:15 AM by Dougie

Both fighters had issues making weight in the past. Attonito took the fight, realized he couldn't make the weight and asked for a catchweight, then couldn't make that.  Johnson took the fight and showed up overweight. Don't take fights if you can't make weight and don't expect your employer to take being jerked around lightly. When you repeatedly do it expect consequences. The UFC cards are volitile as it is, they need reliable fighters who are professional in all aspects. Joe Silva is in the right in these situations. What are 170lbs guys doing walking around over 200lbs if they want to be picking up fights?

Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku site profile image  

10/12/12 10:31 AM by Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku

joe silva is a scapegoat   joe silva is a soldier that carries out orders

punchyone site profile image  

10/12/12 10:27 AM by punchyone

It's far more beneficial to the UFC, can't have too many losses, and preparation is a huge for fighters. I wouldn't be surprised to see more fighters pass on late notice fights moving forward.

goeb site profile image  

10/12/12 10:15 AM by goeb

Well we all have our own opinions here as we try to find the truth behind what is said.One thing that should be mentioned is that Demarques was medically suspended 45 days after his fight which had passed prior to the fight. Why do we assume he would not have been cleared by a North american Commission?