TUF 16, episode 5 recap

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Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in charge of the action. Igor opens with a knee and a high kick before slipping a punch and driving in for a takedown. Nic pulls guard underneath and brings his left leg up in a threatening position before Igor pulls back and then presses in to half-mount. He patiently passes his right leg as well and settles into mount. Roy calls for Nic to push on his opponent's hips to work for better position, but he instead opts for a bodylock. Nic finally bucks, but he simply settles on to his knees, and Igor takes his back. Igor lands a few punches but makes sure not to lose the position. Igor looks to get his hands under the neck. Nic defends well, but he's offered nothing in the way of a counterattack. Roy begs for his fighter to try anything in the final minute of the round, but he simply turtles and settles for survival.

Round 2 - Between rounds, Roy calls for Nic to step things up. Igor opens with another takedown attempt, and Nic tries to counter by defending and moving to a kimura. Igor counters with a transition to an armbar. It looks threatening, but Nic pulls free and settles into top position. Igor is busy underneath as he looks for triangle chokes and opportunities to sweep. Nic keeps dominant position, but he's not scoring much with the control, and Igor finally hits a sweep a little past the halfway mark of the frame. Roy does not want Nic to settle for fighting from his back. Nic scrambles as time winds down, and just when it looks like he'll hit a sweep, he transitions instead to his opponent's legs. He looks for a few options but lets it go in favor of working back to top position. Still, he's complacent once there, and the round ends before he can do much damage. Round ends, and Team Nelson and UFC President seem to think a third round is on the way. Except it isn't.

Igor Araujo def. Nic Herron-Webb via majority decision (19-18, 19-19, 19-18)

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UGCTT_Charles Bronsons Mustache site profile image  

10/13/12 11:42 AM by UGCTT_Charles Bronsons Mustache

Yea the mohawk guy gives me major douche chills every time i see him.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

10/13/12 11:21 AM by ranier wolfcastle

yeah mohawk should just be put down   and for sure that  fight was a draw needing a 3rd round but he got bed prank karma   ep:   http://daclips.in/801xuu8j2vvd

NONURINAUMANA site profile image  

10/13/12 6:04 AM by NONURINAUMANA

Loved how the mohawk guy was crying about having no money but tonight's episode clearly showed that he has a incomplete dollar sign tattoo on his neck. Super ironing mind bottler.

Tap In site profile image  

10/13/12 3:59 AM by Tap In

Saw the diaz bros in the background, the ufc gave them no run. Quality marketing! The 2 most popular dudes in the ufc right now and they don't introduce them, interview them, or use them in "next week on tuf"

NorthFromHere site profile image  

10/13/12 3:52 AM by NorthFromHere


Rip0ste site profile image  

10/13/12 2:56 AM by Rip0ste

'keep it simple' - autocorrect fail

Rip0ste site profile image  

10/13/12 2:52 AM by Rip0ste

I agree Pariah - Roy seems like he's just there to hang out - all his game plans are 'keep it ainple' and he never has a plan B...not much strategy there - kind of lazy like his physique.

UGCTT_Pariah site profile image  

10/13/12 2:43 AM by UGCTT_Pariah

I think the decision was a good call.  In my opinion, Igor did enough in the first round to get a score of 10-8.  He was in dominant positions the entire fight and hitting with some big shots and going for decisions.  The second round was a toss-up, but I would give it to Nelson's fighter by a very slight margin (had more control throughout the round, but Igor did more damage in the time he did have control).   19-18 for Igor.  I think Roy's gotta be the worst coach in TUF history.  Next week he's even threatening to not teach them anything?  Did he threaten them with that before they got into the house without us seeing it?  Doesn't seem like he's doing much teaching.

Rip0ste site profile image  

10/13/12 2:41 AM by Rip0ste

Glad the douchey guy from Alaska lost - he was disrespectful and annoying with his passive aggressive attention-seeking behavior.Love watching pink Mohawk get humiliated too. It's like the focus is on all the crow eating these boastful, immature and unprofessional people have to do on camera.Otherwise it's a mediocre season so far. Pat Barry is pretty awesome to watch do pre-fight warm up though.

Loadin76 site profile image  

10/13/12 2:15 AM by Loadin76

I went from watching on Wednesdays, to DVRing on friday and watching saturday, to DRVing and then deleting before watching, to forgetting it's even on.... something needs to change.