Rogan on UFC 153 main event


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Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

10/14/12 1:28 AM by Bentleysuper8

I hate being counted down and out on the campus. Fucking liberal elite college bullshit!

Hecklah site profile image  

10/13/12 1:18 PM by Hecklah


t G G t site profile image  

10/13/12 1:13 PM by t G G t

It's too bad no one in the UFC will give their own opinion on how a fight will turn out.

Evzey site profile image  

10/13/12 12:28 PM by Evzey

He didn't seem to like Vitor much either

Evzey site profile image  

10/13/12 12:27 PM by Evzey

Bonnar is a legit BB you do know right?

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/13/12 12:19 PM by KingofBJJ

I hope that you are right because so many people have said that they are going to bring the fight, and then they find themselves down on the campus being counted out.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/13/12 12:17 PM by KingofBJJ

I sort of agree with you. I don't believe that there was some conspiracy to ensure Silva got a fight he could win, but rather they needed a name to keep the event going. Silva stepped up again.There's no reason for him to fight a Rua, Evans or Jones, since he is not fighting for the LHW belt.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/13/12 12:14 PM by KingofBJJ

I don't like the fact that Silva keeps talking about going after GSP after this fight. It sounds like he is looking past Bonnar, and that is a very dangerous thing to do with any fighter.Granted a loss won't do much for Bonnar or detract much from Silva. Silva would still have the best the longest and most numerous undefeated champion in UFC history.

Hecklah site profile image  

10/13/12 11:50 AM by Hecklah

This just a gimme fight for all the Brazilians to enjoy since the fight is in their country. Dana served Bonner up and it's win-win for him and Silva. I like Bonner, don't get me wrong, but he is far too slow to even get near AS and this is the only way he even has a chance. There's no way he will track AS down because he will not be able to cut off the octagon. Bonner is going to eat punch after punch until the fight I presume will be stopped via TKO in the second round sometime. There is a reason the odds makers have this match so one sided. This is going to look like the Leben fight if it happened at 205. No way AS would take this fight if he wasn't 100% he would win. He would never ruin his legacy. Dana would never let it happen because of the future super-fight ppv earnings. They needed a star to step in, become a punching bag and solidify AS as the p4p king of MMA. If I was a conspiracy theory guy I may think this match up is fishy, but I only think that because as I said so lop-sided. I hope Bonner spoils everyones plans and subs or ko's the spider but this will never ever happen.

UGCTT_Goonerplata site profile image  

10/13/12 11:32 AM by UGCTT_Goonerplata

Love that Bonnar is wearing a Cerrone shirt that whole video haha