Apparently jiu-jitsu does work; Nogueira submits Herman

by Matt Erickson |

Nogueira endured an early knee from Herman, then a body kick. And just 15 seconds into the fight, Herman had Nogueira on the ground, looking to mount. But back on the feet, Nogueira came forward and landed some shots to push his taller opponent back. The two traded strikes standing and, traded positions on the ground through a close first round.

But in the second, Nogueira landed a big left hand that put Herman on his backside. Nogueira moved in cautiously and got to side control, where almost immediately he looked for an armbar. He got to full mount, but Herman fought through the Americana attempt. A second armbar try from Nogueira again was defended by Herman, and the Brazilian had to give up the position.

Herman got back to his feet midway through the second round, then went for a takedown and got it. But after the two went back to standing, it was Nogueira landing a combo, then a trip takedown that got him immediately into side control, then quickly to full mount. Once there, he quickly looked for the armbar. And in textbook fashion, he locked it in, then maintained it once Herman tried to roll out of it – rolling him back to force the tap at 4:31 of the second.

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Dave Herman Vs. Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Dave Herman <a href=Dave Herman" />
Height 6′ 5″ (195.58 cm)
Weight 240 (108.86 kg)
Record 20-4-0
Team F1 Fight Team
Name Antonio Nogueira Antonio Nogueira
Height 6′ 3″ (190.5 cm)
Weight 246 (111.58 kg)
Record 33-7-1
Team Black House
-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira submits Dave Herman by Submission (Armbar, 2nd Round, 4:31)

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Recent Comments »

French Fries Malone site profile image  

10/14/12 1:02 PM by French Fries Malone

It's bullshit that everyone cries conspiracy with this! Big nog was smashing him in the stand up and you try escaping from his arm bar !!

robbie380 site profile image  

10/14/12 6:02 AM by robbie380

I hate to say it was a work, but it was very strange how Herman rolled INTO armbars!  He clearly isn't clueless at BJJ and it is obvious he trains BJJ.  I know I suck at BJJ but those "escapes" Herman was doing seemed very very strange at best.  Maybe someone better than me can explain what Herman was thinking.  Also, his stand up game was extremely odd.  He was just standing there like a mannequin with his arm out waiting to get KO'ed.  I didn't get it.  The whole fight was like he was trying to lose.  Maybe he completely froze up.  I dunno.  It was VERY strange to me.

daishanjamin site profile image  

10/14/12 5:49 AM by daishanjamin

Herman's stand up choices were very strange. I wonder if he had a hidden injury?

Non N00B site profile image  

10/14/12 3:03 AM by Non N00B

People also forget Nog dropped him like a sack of shit with a very solid punch

kwnel2178 site profile image  

10/14/12 1:28 AM by kwnel2178

It also doesn't help that Herman doesn't train either.

kwnel2178 site profile image  

10/14/12 1:28 AM by kwnel2178

Herman would be good in the WWE.

Jacobmccrmck site profile image  

10/14/12 1:26 AM by Jacobmccrmck

Fighter bashing

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/14/12 1:24 AM by WRESTLENOW

either herman needs to fire his striking coach immediatly or he was paid to dive.not fighter bashing just my opinion.

sadisticsoldier site profile image  

10/14/12 1:15 AM by sadisticsoldier

Very weird fight. I normally don't get into bringing up cutting a fighter, but, if anything is gonna make me do it, Dave Herman's performance tonight is it. I don't know what kind of excuse could make sense for that. An injury wouldn't explain the stupid smile on his face while just holding his arm out doing nothing. He didn't look injured when throwing those kicks and hip tossing Big Nog. He looked very capable to put up a better fight or even win. I'd like to hear what he has to say though.Edit: Also, after that amazing display by Maldonado in the previous fight, this was just disgusting and confusing to watch.

IP site profile image  

10/14/12 1:13 AM by IP

Looked like Herman was paid off let Nog win.