Shields vs. Herman changed to NC for positive drug test

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Jake Shields' win over Ed Herman at UFC 150 has been changed to a no-contest, and the fighter has also been fined $5,675.

A disciplinary complaint from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies' Boxing Commission also confirms a six-month suspension for Shields, who announced this past Friday that he'd tested positive for a banned substance.

The substance for which Shields tested positive was not disclosed.

Shields' suspension runs six months, retroactive to Aug. 11.

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mike_rizzo site profile image  

10/16/12 1:11 AM by mike_rizzo

is it really aderal?

YellowWrkedByTapIn site profile image  

10/15/12 10:34 PM by YellowWrkedByTapIn

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

catgobling site profile image  

10/15/12 10:08 PM by catgobling

he is showing respect to himself by not telling his business. just because he is in diaz's team there would probably be a shit storm of negative media and other assorted forms of stupidity if it is mary jane. this dude has so much discipline taking care of his body, so we KNOW it isnt some fuckin roids.

Deaf Forever site profile image  

10/15/12 7:25 PM by Deaf Forever

Wouldn't be surprised if it was roids but I have a feeling it's weed.

KC007 site profile image  

10/15/12 7:14 PM by KC007

Weed. OMA made a thread about it but it got removed.

ThumbtoeyeKO site profile image  

10/15/12 6:58 PM by ThumbtoeyeKO


muppetsbungalowedbeyatch site profile image  

10/15/12 6:52 PM by muppetsbungalowedbeyatch

It was Diaz's second offense. And he wasn't contrite about it like shield was

Darkrider_64 site profile image  

10/15/12 6:44 PM by Darkrider_64

That's quite interesting that Mr. Shield's has been caught with dirty urine. * The Juice vs. The Joints : Shield's didn't strike me as a juice type of fighter, but he was throwing down at ' possible. We all know he rolls with people down w/ the green goddess, I am hoping it's MJ. I kinda doubt it's EPO (epoetin alfa = Epogen), not to say it isn't/couldn't be used...only it is not tested for currently. No reliable way to screen for it on a large scale level (i.e. - combat sports) as it is an expensive test.My 2c

Aleck911 site profile image  

10/15/12 6:44 PM by Aleck911

It goes by what the decision was the night of the fight

Attila site profile image  

10/15/12 6:35 PM by Attila

I think it's weed and they're keeping it secret over the increasing outcry over the ridiculousness of testing for it.