Nelson: I think me and Dana are gonna fight

by Andy Samuelson | source:

"I think me and Dana are gonna fight, I think I even offered. We'll handle it like men, like everybody else," Nelson told the group of reporters gathered at the same property that plays host to the TUF finale on Dec. 15.

"But at the end of the day, Dec. 15th I'm fighting Shane Carwin. He's going to settle his beef with me and I'm gonna squash the juice with him. Pretty much if the fight happens, it happens."

A media member pressed Nelson as to why his latest feuding with White seems more volatile than usual.

"I guess I've just stolen the thunder from Dana and Dana likes to be the front man and it's switching," Nelson said. "I don't know, maybe there is a switch of power or something. Dana says he loves me, he hates me, he says it all. I'm confused. And all I want to do is eat because it just puts me in a depression."

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TimeToCrush site profile image  

10/16/12 6:14 PM by TimeToCrush

Megatherium site profile image  

10/16/12 6:10 PM by Megatherium

Great thread. Vada is anti-Shane. That is fucking gold right there. Vada is pro-Roy too I bet,lol. The Dana vs Roy fight is a dream matchup. If Roy were to punch out Dana, inside the octagon or otherwise, that would be the high watermark in mma history so far. I get chills just thinkin`about Roy beating the crap out of Dana inside that ol TUF house where Dana built his persona, that`s too good!Biggest ppv in history.

DanEzra site profile image  

10/16/12 3:32 PM by DanEzra

Kings21 site profile image  

10/16/12 2:43 PM by Kings21

Roy is double the man that Dana is.

Kings21 site profile image  

10/16/12 2:41 PM by Kings21

Pretty classless move calling out an injured president imo.

jasonhightower site profile image  

10/16/12 2:09 PM by jasonhightower

I see Roy living out of a trailer park in 5 years, if he isn't already...

Alpha World Peace site profile image  

10/16/12 2:01 PM by Alpha World Peace

Why does Roy look homeless?

Kid Salami site profile image  

10/16/12 1:28 PM by Kid Salami

LOL.  Roy's not going anywhere.  He was an asshole and outspoken towards Dana well before he was a coach on TUF.  Guess what though, Dana still made him a coach.  Dane put him in the spotlight purposely because Dana loves characters.     If there is any monetary value in Roy Nelson being Roy Nelson (for both parties), then he's not changing, he's not shutting up, and he's def not going anywhere.    

Ondz site profile image  

10/16/12 1:26 PM by Ondz

Yes, joking about being fat. Comedy gold. A decade of letting his body go set that joke up perfectly too.The only thing that would be funnier was if he rubbed his belly after he won a fight. That would have been hilarious.

Nick Fury site profile image  

10/16/12 1:25 PM by Nick Fury

lol War Big Country!