Jones vs. Sonnen: Good TV vs. good competition

by DeLeon DeMicoli | source: The Underground Blog

It's seems what makes good TV is an obnoxious mouth that may eventually get you punched in the face. Look what happened to Snooki in the first season of Jersey Show.

Recently it was announced that Jon Jones will coach the new season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)
opposite Chael Sonnen. Then the two will meet on April 27, 2013 at an unnamed UFC event.

Although Sonnen hasn't competed at 205 since a fight with Trevor Prangley in 2006, there's a reason he's been rushed to the top of the mountain to battle one of the pound-for-pound's best fighters in the world. There's a gotta be a reason right?

Is it because it'll make good television? Will he produce come fight night and put Jones on his back, pummeling him with shots like he did Anderson Silva when they first met?

One thing is for certain Sonnen knows how to verbally rip off a band-aid when it comes to promoting fights. Maybe the UFC believes that same bravado will catapult the dying TUF show out of ratings hell.

Ever since TUF moved to FX, sadly, the show has been on a decline. The past few seasons, although delivering stunning battles in the octagon, haven't produced any real reality TV feuds (which draw new viewers in) since Junie Browning vs. everyone else on season eight.

Is Sonnen what the show needs to get the entertainment aspect back in the limelight so others will chat about it at the water cooler? Although Sonnen knows how to sell fights, it does seem sudden that he's been given a shot at Jones without proving he deserves one.

He has yet to fight a top five light heavyweight (he was scheduled to meet Forrest Griffin, but that fight has since been cancelled) and he's coming off a loss. Shouldn't he have to prove his worth just like any other contender that's looking to take the title away from the champion?

Right now it seems there are others in the light heavyweight division that are more deserving of a title shot over Sonnen (Alexander Gustafsson, Dan Henderson, Phil Davis to name a few). It makes me wonder if trash-talk and good television is just as important, if not more important, than winning fights.

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Sabaki site profile image  

10/18/12 2:11 PM by Sabaki

Thats not what I said.. I love watching TUF - seeing alot of both training and fights and how every fighter deals with injuries - the mental games etc...However. If the coaches was Jones and Henderson then I sure would watch both the TUF and the Fight... THeir is nothing interesting about a fight between chael and jon - sorry to say this but in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM HAS Chael Sonnen earned a title shot against JONES in the 205 division...

sgotwalks site profile image  

10/18/12 4:55 AM by sgotwalks

So you're all for the household pranks and drama, but when it comes time for the big boys to fight.........count you out?

Sabaki site profile image  

10/18/12 4:50 AM by Sabaki

Will I be watching the new season of TUF with Jon and Chael - hell yeah!Will I be watching the fight Jon vs Chael - dont think so.. nothing about this fight tickles my mind right now... Maybe a full season of TUF will change my mind but I honestly dont think so.. Jones vs Henderson I would definetly watcsh and also I would definetly watch Jones vs Machida II

Warzone209 site profile image  

10/17/12 11:05 AM by Warzone209

What does curb stomping someone who got TKo'd in his last fight by Anderson and lets be honest went to a fucking draw with Bisping you know the guy who just scored his first top 10 win of his career last fight in a lower weight division than JBJ do for JBJ's career?...Yawn Hendo really got fucked over with this lame payday for JBJ matchup..

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

10/17/12 10:02 AM by UGCTT_Winnson

It's still entertainment. We watch it to be entertained.This will be entertaining and I'm looking forward to it.Kudos to Dana and the UFC.

ShakeR_ site profile image  

10/17/12 9:52 AM by ShakeR_

Chael WILL save the upcoming season of TUF; however, you can't book him for every season, so they better mix some other things if they want viewers coming back for future seasons.In regards to the fight, JBJ is by far the more gifted fighter. He is also much more mentally weak. You can only imagine how deep Chael will be in Jones' head by the end of the show. Will it matter? Probably not.

BlueOnBlack site profile image  

10/17/12 9:33 AM by BlueOnBlack

I think an overhaul of TUF is what is needed, if not an outright cancellation. I still watch it but the formula has become predictable. The Jones x Sonnen season will no doubt bring in a few more viewers but it's a short term solution to a program that viewers have obviously begun to find stale.At this point I'd rather see American Promoter or whatever that series was going to be called before they decided on TUF instead. Dana White's vlogs are great and if they tweaked those a bit for television it could be pretty entertaining.

NotImpressedByYourScreenName site profile image  

10/17/12 9:10 AM by NotImpressedByYourScreenName

Congratulations. You're the dumbass demographic that the UFC is banking on when they pull this shit.

Skip2MyLou site profile image  

10/17/12 4:51 AM by Skip2MyLou

TUF moved to FX, not Fuel TV.And their biggest TV feud was Rampage/Rashad rather than junie.

Y2JB site profile image  

10/17/12 4:12 AM by Y2JB

TUF is a TV show and as such good TV is paramount, the fight will be fun as well even if the outcome is easy to predict. The UFC is in the entertainment business as much as the fight business.