Diaz will need to earn title shot after return

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com

Diaz and trainer Cesar Gracie initially teased the idea of the idea of the 29-year-old from retiring from MMA. But in recent weeks, Gracie has made a public pitch for a fight between Diaz and middleweight champion Anderson Silva. There's also a potential matchup with welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, who meets Condit in a title-unification bout with Condit next month at UFC 154. (Diaz, of course, was previously scheduled to fight Diaz in his UFC return but lost the fight when he flaked out on a pair of press conference.)

"When Diaz gets off suspension, he'll probably fight one of the top guys at 170 pounds," White said Wednesday. "Then we'll see what happens."

Diaz is eligible to return to action in early February 2013.

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Recent Comments »

BaraoKix site profile image  

10/18/12 11:01 PM by BaraoKix

Lol, wont happen. The only wrestler Diaz will face is GSP. They want to cash in before he gets wrestled to death...

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/18/12 10:56 PM by chaplinshouse

I hope you're right.  I want him vs GSP but if I can't have that, then I like seeing bullies get bullied so Diaz vs Koschump.  But really there's a ton of fun matchups for him and he makes any fight fun (unless they run away).  He needs to rematch Condit in an elevator.  What now track star? He'd probably lay down in a ball and say "not the face!!"

Jaybrone site profile image  

10/18/12 9:52 PM by Jaybrone

Diaz vs FItch or Diaz vs. Kos thats who I want to see. However I think Fitch is harder match up because he is not going to go away from his gameplan of taking it to the ground.

Bad Monkey site profile image  

10/18/12 9:36 PM by Bad Monkey

Cleary Diaz thought that the ref was Gomi's boy and that he was getting jumped.  His instinct was to finish the choke and then disable the second attacker.

Bad Monkey site profile image  

10/18/12 9:33 PM by Bad Monkey

But who is boxing muthafuckers up an go-go'n people in MMA cept him?

alkysmurf site profile image  

10/18/12 9:22 PM by alkysmurf

Look at All the Diaz haters praying for nick to fight a wet blanket wrestler. Instead of the obvious choices that make sense, as in Rory if he wins, or the loser of kampman/Hendricks. Fitch still needs another showing like his last one before he can be within a win or two of the tittle. Besides gsp wants nick, and the last year of scandals really brought nicks name more mainstream, coupled with nate taking the tittle = nick gets a tittle shot fast, brothers holding tittles would be a great selling point for the ufc.

fishyfish site profile image  

10/18/12 5:54 PM by fishyfish

Nick vs Fitch would be good.  signed.

Dazednconfused site profile image  

10/18/12 5:43 PM by Dazednconfused

I'd love to see the Sanchez rematch. I still think that's probably the best grappling exchanges I've seen in a UFC fight.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

10/18/12 5:39 PM by WRESTLENOW

Nick vs Fitch they dislike each other and i wanna see Fitch smash his trash talking mouth.

UGCTT_Winnson site profile image  

10/18/12 4:50 PM by UGCTT_Winnson

Nick don't need to earn shit. I would totally lose my shit in respect if he said 'Fuck you Dana, I don't need this shit. Oh, and fuck you too NSAC!' with the double birds and then went and opened a couple of schools.