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FRAT warning:

This is a hot button topic in the MMA world in the past few years, and with Conte recently saying that 50% of fighters use PED's it has been brought back up. Not to mention the drama surrounding Carwin/Nelson, numerous failed drug tests, TRT fiascos,etc. Personally I believe the number to be higher than 50% of fighters taking something during the year, whether after fights to help the body recover from weeks and weeks of abuse, using during camps and finding ways around testing positive, or whatever the case may be. I'm not basing my thoughts on just UFC guys, but people over all levels of professional fighting, hell the UFC #'s might be lower than the overall % due to the testing procedures. However as for myself:

Quite frankly, it isn't worth it to me on various levels:

1) This is probably the sentiment most echo'd by guys who don't use PEDs, but I don't want to regret it when I am older and done with my career. I don't want to spend the rest of my life second guessing my abilities and successes, wondering if it is due to some outside advantage of factor that I didn't intrisically have.

2)The fine/penalties are too great for me in my career at this time. Sure if I was bringing home bags of cash like it has been reported some guys in Pride did, then the temptation would be greater. For me, being suspended for a year or having a large fine issued to me would be damaging to my life on a day to day basis as I live off of basicaly just my fighter purses. Take my ability to work away, and I'm in trouble financially.

3)I hate needles and don't want to take the time to do all of the scientific study to make using PED's not be a detriment to my health.

4) The "brand" of being labeled a user. Once you have been busted for steroids/etc, it will follow you your entire career. Fans are quick to forget your successess but very eager to bring up past failures in many cases, especially regarding the use of drugs.

I understand why people take them, I really do. The ability to improve on a daily basis physically is very appealing, and various PED's aid in recovery/muscle building/fat loss/etc, and can not only allow you to improve your skillset at a faster rate but also make you more marketable due to looks. If you are a top level guy and the difference between your show money and your win + show is $40k or so, then things start to look differently. It is inherently easier to continue to gain wealth WITH wealth, and a huge lump sum of $ can go a long way in buying homes, vehicles, starting business, retirement funds,etc. Whereas myself, it hasn't been worth the extra $8-$12k I could have possibly received by using and giving myself a "better" chance of winning. Throw a title on the line? The drive and desire to continue to be at the pinnacle of the sport may allow someone to convince themselves that a PED is a viable option in their career.

Me? I'll stick with trying to win fights and get fight bonuses, while training my ass off in the gym, going home and being sore and exhausted. I'd rather be in my current position of 4-3 Tom Lawlor in the UFC than be 7-0 UberLawlor and relying on something other than my own guts, intelligence (or lack of), and hard work.

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bhealthy site profile image  

10/23/12 9:17 AM by bhealthy

TTT. lawlor=awesome

bhealthy site profile image  

10/22/12 5:09 PM by bhealthy

TTT for a man with NUTS!such valor seems out of place in a ufc-brand employee.WAR LAWLOR!!!!

fasstfoodandbeer site profile image  

10/22/12 4:31 PM by fasstfoodandbeer

I shook your hand back when I saw you at a UFC Fan Expo. Your grip was firm/confident but not like see how strong my grip can make your hand into a soft sack of bone crumbs because I'm on PED, I mean not I'm just really that strong naturally. It's not about my super strong robogrip and myself using drugs but more about the sorry fact that your hand is now a bag of bone crumbs because you're a bitch/can't hang on a shake from just some normal guy who is extra strong.

GeraldHares site profile image  

10/22/12 3:52 PM by GeraldHares

THANKS FOR SPEAKING UP FOR THE CLEAN ATHLETES!!! I can't argue with the percentage of fighters, but it's just not fair to throw numbers out there without a true study. Guys like Tom & will never fail a drug test, but our sport gets the black eye because of all these verbal jabs. Not to point the finger, but what if they tested NFL, NBA, & MLB players 2-3x a year? I wonder what the results would be. I like many others will always be clean - some decide to put the poison in their bodies, but in the longrun it will come back to bite them in the ass. I am a father of 4 & enjoy every minute I spend with my children, I would not risk my health for a mere victory, fame, or fortune. It's not worth it. I disagree with fighters using TRT also, but that's my opinion.  

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

10/22/12 11:06 AM by Chimonos Revenge

He eats too much Kale

cheesesteak site profile image  

10/22/12 11:02 AM by cheesesteak

Why'd your friend paint his toe nails green?

GMan99 site profile image  

10/22/12 9:58 AM by GMan99

Thanks for sharing your point of view Tom. I think that TRT exemptions are one of the greatest ills facing the sport today. All of these middle aged guys have better musculature and performance after age 35 and then claim they are only treating themselves back up to a normal level. It's preposterous and shameful that all of the powers that be are in league with allowing it.

Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah site profile image  

10/22/12 8:59 AM by Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah

I want UberLawlor!  Like Tom said a while ago...heavyweight fighter and then $500 absolutes at grappling tournaments on the off-weekends.  Done and done.

Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah site profile image  

10/22/12 8:58 AM by Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah

haha, Peter Griffin!   yeah man, there's some more statements and interviews by Dan Gable about the Russians and steroids as you know, but this is the chief point.  That statement and pic should make anybody re-think the issue.  Beating another man on your own merits, your heart, willpower, and your skill.  Not by injections.  

SimonSu site profile image  

10/21/12 11:35 PM by SimonSu

Respect, Tom!---------I don't take moral issues with steroids as such. If athletes can recover faster and stay healthier through a careful program administered by licensed doctors then why not? Fighters have such a short window of opportunity and if there's something that will help them stay off the injury list and make their keep I'm all for it. Go ahead. You should be allowed to do steroids and it's a 100% bs that you're not. If you want to do it and feel it would help your career doing it then lobby for it. You guys aint gonna hold back in training so not doing it is probably more dangerous to your health all-in-all than the small risks associated with a controlled program. There's political merit in this fact and something we're (likely) seeing the results of now that the UFC has a stricter policy and guys who can't afford or get access to the best steroid programs are getting injured left to right. I would applaud you if you as a clean fighter stuck your neck out in this issue and said "Look, I don't do it; but I sure as hell could use it and these are my arguments." It's a long shot and practically impossible but it'd be a righteous path. What I do take issue with is the fact that it isn't legal, and that SCUMBAGS (yes, that's what you are) still are doing it. How is it even remotely fair, moral issues of steroid use and benefits aside, that you and your scumbag friends get a 24h window of recovery while your clean opponent has to work around it in a 48h window? What have you done to deserve this unfair advantage? Is he not as dedicated as you? Doesn't he want to be able to train as hard as you? Doesn't he have a family? A life? Ambitions? What? How does it make it even remotely ok for you as a fighter, man and martial artist to not play on a level playing field given the current rules, no matter how screwed up they are? And sure... you tell yourself that you're gaming the system. "It's like smoking weed" probably goes through the back of your mind as you're resetting your body. But no. You sir, are missing the point. Because you are not gaming the system. You are not doing something "that really should be legal". YOU are taking a short cut while your opponent is dragging his ass to the gym with pain in his body while you and your scumbag ass just had a nice rest and woke up all fresh and relaxed. Every day leading up the fight, YOU are DUCKING IT. You are a cheat. No better than a bully that brings his friends to the fight. You lost before even a single punch was thrown and you're not worthy of our respect. And it's not a moral issue. It's about you being a coward. The opposite of a martial artist. And you deserve the shame you carry because you are not a fighter; you're just THAT GUY who took a cheap shot, ran like the wind and went home to his friends to brag about it. A mental midget.