McCall: I didn't take Johnson fight seriously


"I'm still kind of pissed off at the fact that I lost (to Demetrious Johnson), obviously, but I think I'm only two or three wins away from getting a title shot.

"Speed is a big thing. With me, the second time I came in too heavy, I mean I cut 18.8 pounds in the last like 20 hours. We weighed in at three or four o'clock and by 10:00 I was 150.5. So it was my own fault, I didn't diet right. I think I just didn't take it seriously enough, which for some reason I don't know why, I finally get to the UFC and I don't take it serious, I don't know. I would just go back to like I fought him the first time and not... I was thinking too much and I don't know, I didn't fight like I should have.

"I don't know, I lost my focus somewhere there. I don't know why."

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fitch n prey site profile image  

10/23/12 1:12 PM by fitch n prey

But he didn't 0-1-1

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

10/23/12 12:47 PM by LilBrockonmychest

If most perform poorly or didn't take their job seriously for 2-3 months straight they would be fired.  Terrible example. I don't want to bag on Ian though.  To me, he's not making excuses but stating he made a mistake and learned from it.  It's not like he said he took the fight on short notice, or had an injury, or anything else.  He placed the blame on his shoulders and said he wants to fight right away to redeem himself.

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10/23/12 10:49 AM by Pghreal412


whimpy77 site profile image  

10/23/12 10:39 AM by whimpy77

If u have to cut that much weight then y not fight at a higher weight class?

sockeye site profile image  

10/23/12 10:17 AM by sockeye

People want to hold athletes to such a high pedestal but how many times have you gone to work and performed poorly due to outside circumstances. Marriage issues, kids, money, drugs etc.... I'm sure it's the same for MMA fighters

UGCTT_El Pescadero site profile image  

10/23/12 10:10 AM by UGCTT_El Pescadero

Lol at Creepy Gato

djones site profile image  

10/22/12 1:17 PM by djones

It's not a gimme that DJ will have the title. The Dodson fight is a very dangerous matchup for him

Zaph site profile image  

10/22/12 1:08 PM by Zaph

You can beat him, Ian.  You showed it in the first fight.  He has worked on his weaknesses, however.  To beat him, you won't just have to be as good as you were the first time you two met; you'll have to be better. Win your next two fights, and you'll probably be up for another shot.   You're a fan-favourite, and Dana White knows that. Creepcat believes in you, man.  Take the belt to the UG!  

khaynes21 site profile image  

10/22/12 1:00 PM by khaynes21

Ian, a good number of people have voiced the opinion of taking responsibility. How can you ever grow and focus on expanding your game if you have two thousand excuses for everything that doesn't go your way. I watched a video interview with you prior to your signing, and you gave a very inspirational type speech about your past, drugs, and partying. in that interview you said it was ulrimatley about you taking full responsibility for your life, correct? To be fair, none of us really care what the reasoning is behind your losses to DJ. Keep them to yourself, show demetrious and the fans a little respect. I understand you like to hear yourself answer questions, but everyone but you has seemed to move on from the situation. DJ is somewhere enjoying the life of a champion, and your still explaining yourself. There are young hungry guys who are actually fighting and winning fights in YOUR division in the ufc. Moraga anyone?

Atkinson site profile image  

10/22/12 12:20 PM by Atkinson

Bet you it took you all day to come up with that.. Just makes me think you're on the wrong forum.