Anthony Pettis admitted to hospital with staph infection


Pettis was admitted for care at a Milwaukee area hospital on Monday after a staph infection was discovered in his elbow.

Pettis’ manager Mike Roberts confirmed the news to on Monday. Inside MMA first reported the information.

According to Roberts, Pettis was admitted after the discovery of the staph infection was made, and he immediately went in for treatment. Pettis’ manager did say however they don’t expect the infection to be anything serious, but he was admitted as a precaution.

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JPro site profile image  

10/23/12 9:18 AM by JPro

Overrated.... even Guida beats staph

stayrad site profile image  

10/23/12 8:49 AM by stayrad

Hopefully he's ok and recovers. I agree if he can't fight would love to see Maynard. He has been fighting really well, looked good against frankie both times even with losing to frankie he looked good until getting caught. Frankie is a tough cunt so no shame in losing

AUJL'S GAPING POOP HOLE site profile image  

10/23/12 8:12 AM by AUJL'S GAPING POOP HOLE

Sounds like they caught the infection fairly quickly, which is good news for Pettis. His fight with Cerrone is in January. Worse case scenario, if he's unable to fight by then, I could see Maynard or Lauzon getting promoted. to fight Cerrone

AnthonyMMA site profile image  

10/23/12 1:36 AM by AnthonyMMA

I already said this in the other thread but.... Get well showtime!!

TommyRSU site profile image  

10/23/12 1:08 AM by TommyRSU

Looks like I was on the right track at least, check the main page for the article: It says that it was discovered "in" his elbow, and not "on" his elbow.  I'm wondering if he just picked it up rolling around on the mat, or if its actually a result of his shoulder work he had done awhile back.  I think its from the latter of the two, but once again that would just be spectulation at this point. Either way, I hope he recovers real soon.  War Pettis. Tommy  

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

10/22/12 9:35 PM by Chimonos Revenge

that sucks to hear.Hope he recovers quickly

TommyRSU site profile image  

10/22/12 9:34 PM by TommyRSU

I hope it's not staph infection from the surgery. Pretty common these days with surgeries in hospitals. There have been stories of people getting heart surgery and staph getting in there and eating its way out from the inside. Hospitals are more prepared now and people aren't dying as much, but that's a legitimate concern. I'm just speculating and making a guess, and I really hope I'm wrong.  I'm no doctor and the infection is at his elbow and not the shoulder (I'm not sure how they did the surgery or even what they did), so I could be thinking like an idiot as usual. Regardless, best of luck to him in recovering, not just for the awesome fight but his health as well. Tommy

UGCTT_EnderTL site profile image  

10/22/12 9:33 PM by UGCTT_EnderTL

Definitely hoping it's a quick fix. This fight is awesome.. and for his health.

Immaculata site profile image  

10/22/12 9:30 PM by Immaculata


OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

10/22/12 9:28 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Hope he is okay. Infections can be really serious