TV personality Kang Ye-bin to be first Korean Octagon girl


TV personality Kang Ye-bin will soon serve as Korea's first Ultimate Fighting Championship Octagon Girl. She will make her debut at a UFC event in Macau that is scheduled to be aired on Nov. 10.

Kang's appointment was supported by Super Action, a Korean cable channel that broadcasts mostly action movies and sports. Kang is hosting the channel's "UFC Inside" program.

"I'm thrilled to be Korea's first Octagon Girl. I'm just a little anxious whether I'll be able to do a good job, but I'll try my best and hopefully I can raise the spirits of our three Korean fighters in the UFC," she said. "I'd like to look sexier and hotter than [Mexican-American Octagon Girl] Arianny Celeste."

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Kang Ye-Bin Kang Ye-Bin


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AndersonGOAT > Bisping site profile image  

10/27/12 2:38 PM by AndersonGOAT > Bisping

Yup, no need to dig the chin in on this one!

Fearless Winker site profile image  

10/26/12 10:45 PM by Fearless Winker

TTT for the first Black Jewish Lesbian with a clubbed left foot UFC Card Girl.

thatsme site profile image  

10/26/12 7:56 PM by thatsme

Well you are somewhat correct. Many Mexicans have native American or Asian features. Sometimes it can be embarassing to confuse a Mexican with an Asian and vica versa.

thatsme site profile image  

10/26/12 7:54 PM by thatsme

First Korean? What first we talk about race and break it down further to ethnicity?Didn't the UFC have an Asian ring girl? So now that they have had a 1st Black American Ring girl. If they get a ring girl from Nigeria or Kenya, we can say it is the first Nigerian or Kenya ring girl?Or the first Britsh or Irish ring girl? How about the first ring girl from Jamaica Queens or East LA?Prettier than Arianni? Oh boy now you have done it.

Fearless Winker site profile image  

10/26/12 5:07 PM by Fearless Winker


EG6 site profile image  

10/26/12 4:11 PM by EG6


Bobby Lupo site profile image  

10/26/12 6:21 AM by Bobby Lupo

It's not just you. I fully support a chick with an ass as big as the octagon itself holding up a number.

fightharder site profile image  

10/26/12 6:04 AM by fightharder

I will be expecting a Gangnam style walk out and on EVER time (or at least once).   She looks like a cute. They Japanese girl looked amazing as well.   As for ring girls with huge asses. I am fine with that as well (though the need is not as big with me as it is obviously with some of the people here on the forum). But the place to do it would be Brazil. And frankly i am a little afraid that the UFC is not willing to do it because they consider it ''trashy''. I personally disagree because big assed ladies can look classy as fuck but the ''risk'' of Pornstyle would probably be to big for ZUFFA and FOX.   Yes it is a really weird assesment,especially considering the culture in Brazil (that practically screams out for it) but that is the only logical explanation i have for the fact that they have not had a local Brazil ring girl yet while they have girls coming out of any hook and crany every time they come to Asia. There basically discriminating against girls with big asses and i think Miss Celeste is using her ''evil'' influence to keep the nice round asses out of the UFC.   But once again i am not one to complain because i rather like all the Asian beauties.