Fitch: Velasquez had severe knee injury in JDS fight


In an interview with Tatame, Jon Fitch reveales that former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez went against the advice of his doctors and teammates, and fought Junior Dos Santos with a severe knee injury at UFC on FOX last year, losing his title.

“I think that in the first fight, he did't show everything he could do. He had a severe knee injury, and was limited by what he could do, but it was such an important fight so he couldn't miss it. It was important for the company, for the fans and for the world. He continued, even knowing that he should not. He went against the advice of everyone on the team, and doctors, but pulling from the card was not an option at the time.

"It will be very different with him being able to show all his tools. He was hurt and thinking about his knee. He wanted to kick the legs of Junior, but he was thinking, 'I can't kick.' When your head is not in the fight, you get hurt."

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BoilerBrawnByBeatdown site profile image  

11/24/12 11:57 AM by BoilerBrawnByBeatdown

Shogun tore his knee up DURING the 2nd Machida fight and KO'd him. GTFO

BoilerBrawnByBeatdown site profile image  

11/24/12 11:55 AM by BoilerBrawnByBeatdown

If the JDS that fought Cain shows up, Cain is going to get hurt (again)

BoilerBrawnByBeatdown site profile image  

11/24/12 11:52 AM by BoilerBrawnByBeatdown

we dont?Carwin couldn't take him down, Cain couldn't take him downJDS TDD > Cain's takedowns

Mad Hatter's sloppy seconds site profile image  

11/24/12 8:28 AM by Mad Hatter's sloppy seconds

Are you trying to say JDS has little feet? - Bill O'Reilly. Clearly you are an anti American communist socialist Marxist hippy loving faggot.

Mad Hatter's sloppy seconds site profile image  

11/24/12 8:23 AM by Mad Hatter's sloppy seconds

There are different measures of strength and for functional, fighting strength I doubt there are many better than Cain. JDS is obviously a stud though.I thought Cain was the superior fighter going into the first fight. I think Cain will pull it off this time but that is because I think a good wrestler beats a good striker more often than not. Obviously it is a travesty to call either one dimensional.

Vitor29 site profile image  

11/24/12 8:10 AM by Vitor29

How can you use an injury as an excuse in victory? Excuse for what? Kicking the shit out of your opponent?

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

11/24/12 7:24 AM by UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay

Fitch had a knee injury when he fought Hendricks. He was KO'd early in the first round.Cain had a knee injury when he fought JDS. He was KO'd early in the first round.Coincidence?YES!It's a fucking coincidence. Hendricks would have KO'd an elephant with the punch he landed on Fitch. Fitch's knee did not even have time to be a factor in the outcome of that fight.Also, JDS had a severe knee injury as well! Look what he was able to do to Cain with a similar ailment. I hate when fighters use excuses about their loss, they bring up injuries that didn't even have a chance to affect how they fought. Just admit that on that night, he was the better man and you will try your hardest to do better next time.

Proteus The Invincible site profile image  

11/24/12 7:17 AM by Proteus The Invincible

I think people complain about excuse making far too much. If a fighter went into a match sick or injured, I, for one, like to be informed. It can offer a great deal of insight.Also, I think it's naive to believe that a significant knee injury couldn't drastically affect a fighter's overall ability to strike.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

11/24/12 5:27 AM by SinCityHustler

I can only think of 1 He just got released by the UFC and he submitted Matt Hughes in seconds both times.  

Mister Floyd site profile image  

10/30/12 2:59 PM by Mister Floyd

Anyone who has a Brown Pride, Black Pride, White Pride, Yellow Pride tattoo is a fucking racist.