Gerald Harris requests comprehensive PED testing from NSAC

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My Letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission

From: GeraldHares
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Hello, my name is Gerald Harris and I will be competing in the Mixed Martial Arts event World Series of Fighting. This event takes place next Saturday November 3rd and I'm glad to be a part it. I am sending this letter to request that my opponent and I are to be drug/PED tested for every bout that I compete in Nevada.

I will make this request in every state that I compete in, but my future is with WSOF and they are based in your state. I have competed in Las Vegas, NV in the past and had a great time. I actually enjoy being tested because, I and many other athletes live a clean, healthy, drug free lifestyle.

The recent increase in Mixed Martial Arts failed drug test has led many trainers, fighters, and fans to believe that over 50% of our athletes are using some form of performing enhancement drug. I cannot speak for others, but I do believe those numbers are over hyped, and the only thing I can do is offer my honesty.

I am doing this to show the fans that there are plenty of clean athletes out there. The assumption that we are mostly all using PED's really bothers me, because I train so hard, respect my body, and sacrifice so much to compete. I cannot accept being labled as a possible cheater. As a father, I instill the same values in my children and living a clean lifestyle will allow me to hopefully live a long healthy life to care for them.

I hope you take this letter into consideration,


Gerald D. Harris II
World Series of Fighting

p.s. I have included a reference. Dr ************* is one of Oklahoma's most highly respected men in the medical and sports business. I also agree to any testing during my camps, before/after fights, & random drug testing at any point/time.


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GeraldHares site profile image  

11/5/12 4:59 PM by GeraldHares

I didn't say the dog died, Joe doesn't tweet, & this has nothing to do with the UFC.

Magic_Wanderlei site profile image  

11/1/12 6:44 PM by Magic_Wanderlei

No, it's not like that, cuz. Once your dog is dead, it's 4ever. I shouldn't have to tell you this (you being such an intellectual Ay phi Ay and all) but the more people bring it up (online or to Dana White at press conferences), the more likely and sooner he'll be to bring you back. Instead of being so short w/ people when they bring it up, how about just telling them to, "Tweet Dana and Joe Silva, tell them to bring me back."If ppl are mentioning it to u 4 to 5x each day, Dana and Joe should be getting at least that many tweets about it... if you played the situation correctly.

Magic_Wanderlei site profile image  

10/31/12 10:19 PM by Magic_Wanderlei

Gerald Harris not getting back in the UFC writing letters like this. Dana hate it when fighters expose how other fighters stay usin P.E.D.'s P.E.D.'s = Affirmative Action for White athletes.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/31/12 12:00 PM by chaplinshouse

congrats, u got your letter front paged!

Chromium site profile image  

10/30/12 6:29 AM by Chromium


GeraldHares site profile image  

10/29/12 11:01 PM by GeraldHares

It happens on line or in person at least three times a day & I'm not exagerrating. Imagine when I attempt to go to fight parties, it's the topic of the night & I'm so short answered that I'd figure they would catch on but noooooo.  

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

10/29/12 3:27 PM by duckhuntgangsta

TTT for Front Page Sexy Time

GeraldHares site profile image  

10/29/12 2:42 PM by GeraldHares

VADA's President sent me a direct e-mail, so it's all good now. I'll keep yall posted. Still no front page love! Lol!

chaplinshouse site profile image  

10/28/12 11:00 PM by chaplinshouse

yeah i can see where that'd get annoying

PrettyBoy site profile image  

10/28/12 10:27 PM by PrettyBoy

Good things