White: Fedor still disinterested in UFC

source: mmamania.com

Based on his comments during his recent MetroPCS online chat with fans, White seems to have indeed done just that, revealing that he has had recent discussions with Emelianenko (or at least someone close to his inner circle), who once again rebuffed White's advance. He didn't go into much detail, but did say that he made the effort and Fedor is (still) disinterested in fighting under the UFC umbrella.

Don't expect that to change anytime soon, either: Fedor was able to salvage what was left of his MMA career, capping it off on a three-fight win streak after losing a trio of bouts that sent his stock, and possibly his legacy, crashing through the floor. He doesn't appear to be the money-hungry type to come out of retirement just so White can tell everyone, "I told you so."

Sadly, it was never possible.

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UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up site profile image  

11/1/12 8:25 PM by UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up

Can you source all this factual information you have on what Dana offered, what Fedor wanted etc...?

UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up site profile image  

11/1/12 8:23 PM by UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up

Or maybe just maybe some people realize that different careers take different paths, and different fighters evolve at different times.   Anderson has losses very EARLY in his career and skill development. Fedor has losses right at or just after the peak of his skill and abilities, BUT the sport had evolved massively over the course. (and he had a lot of fight age if you will)    Both deserve respect and shitting on one of them to try and make the other look better is pathetic.

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

11/1/12 7:57 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

he's the poster boy of can crushing in the UFC.

YourMomMadeMeTap site profile image  

11/1/12 6:51 PM by YourMomMadeMeTap

It isn't true about him, thats why.

thatsme site profile image  

11/1/12 12:13 AM by thatsme

STFU Dana. That guy is always lying his ass off. It isn't that Fedor is disinterested per se, it is the terms he doesn't like.My understanding is that he wants the same agreements he gets from his other contracts, which includes a percentage of the receipts from PPVs and the gate.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

10/31/12 1:02 PM by SinCityHustler

Sure when you put it that way it can look "funny" but what you're missing is that a prereqiisite to greatest of all time ins't necessarily to have to have an unblemished record, or even tro be void of some bad losses.  Greatest of all time is gauged by the highest point one reached in their career.  It doesn't mean that the given fighter had to be the greatest from day 1, it is generally understood that fighters improve from where they began and eventually rise to become the greatest.  What if Ricardo Arona had been given the decision over Fedor like many feel he deserved, does that sudddenly make Fedor less great for losing to a smaller guy, years ago?  Or how about his TKO loss in his 4th pro fight, does that suddenly make Fedor not as good?  Of course not.  You take the height of the fighter's career and you evaluate it at that point.  A 16 fight winning streak in the UFC, defending the title in the double digits and reigning for years is plenty to demonstrate to most that Andersoon has improved since his losses and attained a higher level than where he was at the time when he was last defeated.   And again, yeah, your TUF example does appear funny when you consider the ignorance necessary in order to view it that way, and even more funny, (or pathetic) would be to not have the ability to recognize the points mentioned above.    

Warzone209 site profile image  

10/31/12 12:49 PM by Warzone209

I rather see Fedor Fight in the UFC than 98% of the UFC Roster just saying. in one of his last 3 fights he put monson in the hospital from kicks aldo style.

Samoa site profile image  

10/31/12 12:48 PM by Samoa

IIRC at the time Fedor was regarded as the top heavy and 5 of the top 10 were outside of the UFC when he was fighting in Strikeforce.  Not positive but I think they were Barnett, Sylvia, Arlovski, Rogers, and Werdum.  Maybe Bigfoot as well.  The UFC did not have the best heavyweights at the time. That being said; I wish Fedor would have gone to Zuffa too.  

ortman166 site profile image  

10/31/12 12:42 PM by ortman166

Good post voted up when I get to pc.

ortman166 site profile image  

10/31/12 12:41 PM by ortman166

Well both statements are beyond retarded.