Bisping: Fighting winner of Boetsch/Weidman the 'safest' option

by Ben Blackmore | source:

 "The winner of Boetsch v Weidman is the natural fight and if I was playing it smart, I'd sit on the sidelines and fight one of them," he said.

"I match up really well with both of them. Weidman's stand-up is very very poor, it's not good at all. He's a very good wrestler, very good grappler, but I do well against those guys. I'd get back to my feet and knock him out.

"Boetsch I don't particularly rank at all. He's just a tough bastard! I'd have my way with him all day.

"So if I played it smart I'd wait for them to fight at the end of the year, maybe fight the winner in March/April, but I'm not prepared to do that. This is the way I make a living and I want to fight.

"I want to fight somebody else in the mean time. I'll take my chance. If I win, great. If I lose, I don't deserve a title shot anyway. I want to fight in January or February. I'd like to fight three or four times a year."

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sincitydc site profile image  

7/17/13 11:39 AM by sincitydc

Man he's really sold himself on having knockout power. His standup has been looking much improved lately but he hasn't exactly been known for his power.

Joshua King site profile image  

7/17/13 11:38 AM by Joshua King

Please mikey, never stop talking. Ever.

dermotfix site profile image  

7/17/13 11:33 AM by dermotfix

  I've made a huge mistake...

3rdLion site profile image  

11/7/12 12:14 PM by 3rdLion

Or you could talk about a more recent fight with Chael Sonnen. The Olympic alternate had very limited success with Mike and Weidman is not the same calibre wrestler Chael is.

REDRUM_NYC site profile image  

11/7/12 12:05 PM by REDRUM_NYC

Mayhem Miller was able to takedown Bisping and modified mount him... If and when Weidman takes him down he will submit him very easily.

wiggum site profile image  

11/4/12 9:30 AM by wiggum

Why do you say that? They both All-Americaned in college but then Chael was much more decorated on the international scene.

bhealthy site profile image  

11/3/12 7:28 PM by bhealthy

^^^moot point if he's bingoed by vitor

bhealthy site profile image  

11/3/12 7:28 PM by bhealthy

^^^moot point if he's bingoed by vitor

bhealthy site profile image  

11/3/12 7:26 PM by bhealthy

the count has come a long way. hats off to him(as long as he doesnt rap)bisping may have reached the top of his potential. wiedman had not yet. it would be close. bisping is craftier and tougher, but weidman might be too strong for him.

tonytr site profile image  

11/3/12 7:24 PM by tonytr

Weidman IS a better wrestler than Chael. Plus submissions, plus better striking. Bisping's last two fights were close. He only finishes when he fights a lower-level guy (Rivera, Miller). When was the last time he "tooled" or "crushed" a guy? Good lord, stop acting like children (then again, I imagine some of you are children). Doesn't truly matter though...he's getting knocked out by Vitor.